Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #7

Tonight's topics: Natural immunization (not the same as vaccination), Homeoprophylaxis, and Fundamental Freedom of Choice

Basics of this theory is described. It is a form of homeopathy. Headlines are shown that state it was used in Cuba to stop an epidemic of Leptospirosis. Another study is described that took place in Australia. Again, no formal citation. As they describe it it does sound a lot like vaccination - that both procedures are founded on a shared theory. Homeopathy is an officially approved treatment/preventative in some states in India. 

Dr. Tetanya Obukhanych (an immunologist) interviewed - Benefits of breastfeeding, studies cited that show a 4 fold decrease in risk of HIB in babies that are exclusively breastfed. Margulis is interviewed and also emphasizes the importance of breastfeeding. Dr. Paul Thomas chimes in as well. 

Probiotics are very briefly discussed, then essential oils - a study is shown on the screen about how EOs help kill flu virus ... however it was a lab study (in vitro), not in vivo (in humans, under real life conditions) and it used MDCK cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells). Dr. Zielinski, DC describes the use of EOs during the plague ... and states the plague had VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that the EOs combated?! Bizarre. What's worse is if they worked all that well why did so many people die? At least they smelled good. I'm willing to cast the net far and wide in the search for truth - but everything hauled up must be carefully evaluated. 15 min into this episode and I am disappointed. I am neutral (at best) on homeopathy (at this point). I do think EOs have uses, even clinical uses, but I also think there are better demonstrations/proofs of this. That they used this type of information says to me that the research for this portion was superficial. 

Dr. Zielinski tells how EOs were used in the early 20th century ... well that's all they had TO use!! No antibiotics yet, nor anything else. Good grief. 

GcMAF (Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage Activating Factor) described as a substance that can treat autism. Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD is interviewed in this segment. He also says it may be used to treat HIV. The theory on how it might help autism is that autism can be associated with latent/chronic viral infections. He goes into some detail about the various chemical components of GcMAF and how they might be involved in how/why it works. 
He also discussed "Rerum", another molecule derived from or related to GcMAF - he describes this as being more effective than GcMAF, and that good nutrition, specifically a ketogenic diet is a critical piece of the treatment, along with probiotics. 

Dr. Toni Bark is interviewed about the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Obukhanych (Dr. O) describes the effect of sugar (detrimental) on neutrophils. 

Neil Miller - speaks on relationship between Vit A and measles mortality/morbidity. High dose Vit A is recommended as a treatment for measles. 

Dr. Humphries speaks on her use of Vit C - she draws on Dr. Fred Klenner for this. I encourage you to read everything she has written and watch all of her You Tube vids. I have great respect for her. 

Dr. O makes the point that the immune system has always known how to work and what to do - it did not need the pharmaceutical system that showed up 50+ years ago. 
Per her - Vit A and C are important for bacterial infections, Vit D for viral, along with gut health - and that these things work synergystically. 

Margulis talks about how to keep our children/selves healthy - start with **real** food - good nutrition. Avoid toxins (acetaminophen and antibiotics are specifically named). Kids need to get outside, don't be afraid to let them get dirty. 

Dr. Paul Thomas talks about a study looking at folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and autism - less autism among those getting folic acid. He also points out that the study was based in Norway - and there are many differences (variables) between Norway and the US, among them, more/longer breastfeeding in Norway, and far fewer vaccines. 

Margulis/Dr. Paul Thomas co-authored a book, The Vaccine Friendly Plan. (They would still be labeled "anti-vaxers" for not adhering to the CDC schedule - that is the definition of anti-vax, deviating from "the schedule" in any way. Thomas describes the alternate schedule he uses - along with listening to parents and following their lead. I think his segment on the MMR is a repeat that was included in a previous episode. 

He did a study of the results of his vaccine friendly plan (retrospective) - no autism in kids using his plan. Also better health in general. His data is a screaming red flag ... it demands further research. 

Dr. Humphries and Dr. Larry Palevsky describe how deaths from infectious diseases were declining precipitously before vaccines came into widespread use. This is attributed to better sanitation, clean water, better living conditions (ie: less crowded). 

Fundamental Freedom of Choice
Various guests discuss vaccine mandates (SB 277). 

Jeffery Jaxen describes how SB 277 was passed (hint: kind like how sausage is made, as with most laws). 

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny discusses Healthy People 2020 (and the use of electronic health records) - this is the adult angle to mandatory vaccines. The EHRs give the government access to your health data - including your immunization status. This is involuntary. 
Vaccination may be linked to ability to go places/travel, work, go to school, get your groceries ... This isn't just about the kids! One goal of Healthy People 2020 is to take away your right to refuse. 2010 - 2020 is the decade of vaccines. 

The Gates Foundation started GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunzation). 

Brandy Vaughan and Barbara Loe Fisher, Allison Folmar, JD discuss the right to determine what goes in our body as a fundamental right. 

Barbara Loe Fisher points out that the attitude of the policy makers is paternalistic and authoritarian. This is enforced with a similar attitude by many pediatricians - some of whom will kick patients out if they do not comply with "the schedule".  This is contrary to the Constitution.

 Calls to actions - 
     1) All mandates recinded in all states
     2) Restore parental/individual rights to medical decision-making
     3) Repeal the 1986 act 

The end is uplifting and filled with "the truth will prevail" types of statements. This is all very lovely but I am not one who is prone to optimism - I hope they are right, for everyone's sake.

For those who watched the series, what did you think?


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