Sunday, December 27, 2015

Random Ramblings ...

Forced vaccination has been justified in the name of the "greater good" - at best a Machiavellian mindset that the ends justifies the means. Any harm that might be done by vaccination (because those who advocate forced vaccination rarely acknowledge that harm is done by vaccines) is over-ridden by the good of avoiding short-term infectious illness that seldom causes death or long-term adverse sequelae while resulting in long-term immunity (instead of the short-term risk reduction provided by vaccination - resulting in the "need" for repeated vaccination). 

Ultimately the issue of forced vaccination results from a naturalistic man (ie: human) centered worldview. What I find so bizarre about this is this type of thinking justifies abortion for the sake of individual freedom yet will also justify forcibly vaccinating masses of people, thus violating their personal autonomy and bodily integrity (interestingly, abortion does this to the unborn baby, and frequently enough to the woman herself). 

Just as odd is a man-centered worldview generally believes in evolution, not God-caused creation as described in the Bible. If one believes in evolution (where "creation" happened spontaneously from chaotic randomness) why would you want vaccination, forced or otherwise? Any death from an infectious illness would be the result of "natural selection"! 

The theory of herd immunity is also used as a justification for mandatory vaccination, and yet there is reason to question its efficacy. Pertussis is rapidly becoming a case-study for the questionable foundation of herd immunity as it keeps happening in highly vaccinated populations - populations that have achieved "herd immunity"! 

There are many adults who are not "UTD" (Up To Date) on their vaccinations - and yet there are neither frequent, nor severe outbreaks of "vaccine preventable" diseases in groups who are technically "under-vaccinated". 

With vaccines being a source of ginormous growth and profit for the pharmaceutical industry (little risk, lots of reward as they are essentially liability free since 1986) there is tremendous conflict of interest embedded in those who are setting vaccine policy - lawmakers and others who work in or around the vaccine industry whore around in a fascist brothel. They have been pimping out children for years but now are no longer satisfied with the sickening profits that have been reaped with this group and have now moved on to adults. 

To whatever extent vaccines work there is no justification for forcing or manipulating or coercing people to use them. We are designed to live in freedom - including the freedom to decide what vaccines, if any, to receive. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A little levity ... to make a point

Most are familiar with the phrase "If you didn't laugh, you'd cry" - today's post is sponsored by that thought. While it may provide a chuckle it effectively illustrates the reality that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is widely believed to underreport vaccine related adverse events - so there is reason to believe that there are far more unintended and undesired effects of vaccines but we don't.really.know. 

Better, more reliable information would require studies comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated over the long term (ie: years) in order to capture an accurate picture of both the desired and undesired consequences of vaccination so people can decide if they want to accept or decline this intervention with a better information about the risk/benefit ratio. 

There is another interesting comparison in the meme - guns don't just take lives, they save them. But this too, is underreported as it does not fit the narrative favored by the MSM (much like the risks of vaccination do not fit the narrative or paradigm of those who favor vaccination so they go unstudied and unreported).