Sunday, May 24, 2015

Podcast Post - raw notes (Siegel/Vaccine Myth May 10, 2015)

One of the benefits of long commutes is having time to listen to podcasts - and I've come to appreciate being able to do this. It's also something I'll do on my days off (when I'm not listening to talk radio). 

This post contains raw notes I jotted down as I listened to the May 10, 2015 episode of Shawn Siegel's show "The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust" - he has a YouTube channel, and you can listen live to his how on the Logos Radio Network as well. I subscribe to the podcast (via iTunes) and listen when I can.  

The guest on this episode was Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and she discusses some interesting tidbits of information she's unearthed in her research. From what I've observed, those who question the paradigm of vaccination are more transparent than those who accept it. At at least two points in the program she acknowledges criticism of her book Dissolving Illusions (co-written with Roman Bystrianyk) and answers the criticisms - without resorting to ad hominem attacks of her critics. 

These notes may serve as a starting off point for further research for myself ... or anyone else (though I encourage you to listen to the show yourself - check against my notes!) 

They focus primarily on the measles vaccine during the discussion. 

Lungs have immune cells with CD150 receptors (only immune cells have this type of receptor); The virus targets these receptors (in the natural/spontaneous infection) and it takes about 1 week before it is in the body - first the lymph, then the reticulo-endothelial system ... at which point you begin to show symptoms (Koplik's spots in the mouth, rash, 
fever, cough, etc ...); 

Nectin 4 receptors? 

"Passaging" described - part of the manufacture of measles vaccine (or perhaps its initial development). Cultured on a variety of tissues - human kidney/chorion, monkey kidney, human diploid cells (from aborted fetuses); Vero cells (from monkey kidneys) have CD 46 receptors to which the wild measles virus does not have an affinity - though that changed as a result of techniques used to develop the vaccine strain used in measles vaccines. CD 46 receptors are present on every nucleated cell (ie: all cells in the body except mature red blood cells); 

Measles virus has "H" protein ... virus mutates over time. 

Discussed research about response of vaccinated vs unvaccinated when exposed to wild measles - vac have inferior response compared to unvac (Poland study?);

Measles without rash - increased risk of chronic disease. 

Low-grade chronic infection circulating throughout vaccinated population that manifests as actual full-blown disease when enough people (vac and/or unvac) are susceptible. 

They also touched on Pertussis/Whooping Cough (WC) - discussed theory that the vaccinated may be the source of the mutated bacteria that do not have pertactin and this may be one facet of why the WC vaccine is less effective. This is due in part to the development of "immunity" via injection rather than through the lung tissue (has implications for measles as well since that is also primarily a respiratory virus) - if/when the vaccinated are exposed to disease and subsequently recover may harbor bacteria longer which has allowed it to mutate so the vaccine is less effective. (not sure if this is related to baboon study showing vaccinated as a reservoir of infection).

Dr. VK Singh - testified before congress regarding MMR and auto-immunity/autism 

Dr. Steven Walker 

Pabst study 1997 

Discussed reluctance and/or difficulty of many researchers to pursue research that is perceived as being "anti-vaccine" as it kills careers and ends funding ... being "Wakefielded" (so the issue is not necessarily truth, let alone facts ... science should not be agenda driven, yet it is, as is any human endeavor). 

T cell key to eliminating measles, cellular immune system key, especially with measles. 

Death is used as a way to "persuade" people to accept vaccine even though death rate had decreased to ~500/year (incidence of 3-4 million/year) prior to implementing vaccine.  

These notes are **very** raw and virtually unedited (I typed them up after the fact - they might have more detail and fewer omissions/errors if I had been typing them as I listened but that's not what happened). The interview touched on more that I have forgotten because I wasn't able to write it down (since I frequently listen as I drive!) so I hope you listen to the show and/or episode as well ... and compare your notes to mine! 

Ultimately, those who want vaccines should get them (hardly the position of someone who is "anti-vaccine"!) ... this writer appreciates that we are designed by our Creator (Jesus) to live in freedom. 

Either way, if you decide to receive a vaccine or have your children vaccinated you should be convinced, satisfied in the amount and veracity/trustworthiness of the information upon which you base your decision - and that your decision should be freely made, not coerced, forced, nor manipulated in any way.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Not such a happy Mother's Day

All mother's want their children to be healthy, and few things warm a mother's heart than knowing that their child(ren) are safe and thriving. This is universal for all parents, but late last week two 1 month old infants died in Mexico after receiving a variety of vaccinations (39 others are hospitalized). To their credit the Mexican government has suspended all vaccinations while they investigate. They had received 3 vaccinations simultaneously - tuberculosis, rotavirus, and Hepatitis B vaccines. Because they received multiple vaccinations simultaneously it will be all the more difficult to determine if it was one particular vaccine that was the primary cause or if there was a synergy in receiving multiple vaccines at the same time that resulted in the deaths. The practice of giving multiple vaccines at the same time is poorly studied as vaccines are simply added to the schedule once they are approved and deemed "safe and effective".

The last paragraph of the article includes the knee-jerk disclaimer that vaccines are in important public health strategy but all medications have risks, etc ... this politically correct statement has begun to fall rather flat, as it is nothing but a token acknowledgement of reality - yet (at least in the United States) it is increasingly difficult to avoid vaccination - there is little choice in the matter, so there is no way for individuals to avoid the risks and while the "herd" may have a short-term benefit, the collective group bears no responsibility when adverse events (like DEATH) occur.

My heart aches for these families - they were doing what they thought was best for their children (and as many think, fulfilling their "duty" to society), yet the result was tragedy. I pray for their comfort and peace as they grieve.

I don't doubt the motive of the parents, or of public health officials (and others) who fervently believe in the necessity of vaccination. I do wish someone would describe how many deaths as a result of vaccination is acceptable ... how many adverse events (either short or long term) ... and why policy makers refuse to insist upon LOTS of studies comparing the vaccinated with the unvaccinated (in both short term health and long term health) as that is the kind of information that would help both policy makers and parents and adult individuals decide what level of risk/benefit ratio with which they are willing to live.

Why are those who set vaccine policy permitted to be financially conflicted and connected with vaccine manufacturers when both benefit financially from the decision to use vaccines? Why do we not insist that those who set vaccine policy have no financial relationship with vaccine manufacturers, ever - not before they set policy, not after they set policy (Dr. Julie Gerberding, Dr. Paul Offit among many, many others). 

I hope Mexican public health officials have the backbone, and integrity, to not allow the vaccine makers the cover of the "Wyeth strategy" in response to these tragic outcomes. While Mexico was not included in this study I hope Mexican health policy makers consider its implications - that more vaccines do not necessarily mean better health.

 Because we do not have good data comparing short and long term health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals it is difficult for individuals to determine the level of participation in vaccination with which they are comfortable - what vaccines they may want, what they do not want.

Because vaccines have been declared both "safe and effective" by policy makers saddled with conflict of interest and also "unavoidably unsafe" (so says the SCOTUS in Bruesewitz v Wyeth, 2011) people must be able to decide for themselves what vaccines they use and when they use them.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Questions left begging ...

Another blog post inspired by Twitter ... 

Why are vets recommending fewer vaccines to animals in response to higher rates of chronic disease?

Why can't we do at least one study comparing vaccinated against unvaccinated children (even a retrospective one, let alone an RCT)?

Is there any company manufacturing or selling vaccines that hasn't been accused or convicted of fraud or deception or unethical actions? In other words - are the products they are making worthy of our trust?

In vaccine studies, why is the "placebo" NOT an inert substance like saline, but rather the vaccine excipient minus the antigen? The excipient is not inert saline and contains many other chemicals that are biologically interactive - this would affect the results of the study.

Why is there so much conflict of interest (COI) embedded in every facet of vaccine policy?

     Lawmakers receive large amounts of cash from pharmaceutical lobbyists
     Scientists and other researchers are beholden to grant-makers for further funding
     Physicians are paid bonuses for vaccinating patients
     Healthcare workers are required to be vaccinated to continue employment
     Members of the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Vaccination Practices) have ties to and/or
          benefit financially from companies that make/sell the vaccines they recommend.
     There is a revolving door between the CDC and many vaccine/pharmaceutical companies

Declaring or making known any conflict of interest does not make it go away. What makes it go away is eliminating the conflict (duh!) - do not receive any kind of payment or gift (either cash or in-kind) from any company involved in making or selling vaccines.

Why is use of a product that has been legally declared "unavoidably unsafe" required for participation in community activities (school, employment, etc);

Why are those who make/sell/administer vaccines legally shielded ("immune") from liability?

Why are vaccines "exempt" from being questioned? The "science was settled" in regards to the helio-centric nature of our solar system ... well, at least by Galileo - but he was "made to care" by many in his day - and it was not until recently that those who opposed him finally acknowledged he was correct.

Similarly - the theory that episiotomy protected the pelvic floor was unquestioned ... until someone actually did the research - low and behold, episiotomy tends to do more harm than good and its use should be restricted. Hmmmm. Vaginal birth after cesarean was considered unsafe - until the research was actually done - low and behold, it was "discovered" that it is actually, in general, a safe route of birth for many, if not most women who have previously given birth by cesarean section. Hmmm. Yet there are many questions about vaccination that are studiously unanswered. The theory of vaccination is just that, a theory. Whatever testing and research that has been done is not sufficient and is little more than the academic equivalent of an echo chamber. Those who have questions about vaccination safety, efficacy, and policy are trying to stop the echo of "safe and effective" - it's a technique called the broken record and it can be effective, but it is hardly appropriate for a topic this important.

Why are there some who think that "Shaken Baby Syndrome" may have the DNA fingerprints of vaccine-associated death all over it ... yet no one will take this seriously. How many may have been falsely accused and jailed because of this?

Similarly, does anyone consider any temporal association between SIDS and receipt of vaccines?

Why are those who question vaccination unafraid of freedom, while those who accept vaccination without question frequently want to impose this on others - in other words, advocate limiting freedom to choose or decline a medical procedure - those who advocate for vaccination advocate for denial of informed consent (one element of which is freedom to accept or decline the course of action).

Why is the heavy hand of the state being used to control the population (in the context of this blog post: in regards to vaccination - but certainly the heavy hand of the state is being used to control citizen in far many other domains as well) when there are so many legitimate questions about vaccination?

Why are substances used in vaccines not safe outside of vaccines (ie: like mercury, formaldehyde among many others) but are safe to be injected into anyone when included in vaccines? Why are EPA limits for these toxins unsafe for human exposure at lower levels in drinking water than in vaccines that are injected into the body?

Why do we vaccinate children for Hep B at birth when their mother's do not have this infection?

What would the vaccine schedule look like today if vaccine makers had not been given immunity (since 1986) - the number of vaccines has grown exponentially since then and there are hundreds more being developed. 

One generation ago the mantra was "question authority" ... now those who do are pariahs.

Transparency welcomes questions, research, information - none of which is valued by those who deny there are legitimate questions regarding vaccination. Transparency and freedom are a natural fit - how lovely it would be to have both in regards to vaccination. Answering the questions posed in this post would be a start.

Do your own research, consider all points of view.

As always - if you want a vaccine you should get it. If you do not want a vaccine you should be free to decline without being penalized in any way, shape, or form.