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Podcast Post - raw notes (Siegel/Vaccine Myth May 10, 2015)

One of the benefits of long commutes is having time to listen to podcasts - and I've come to appreciate being able to do this. It's also something I'll do on my days off (when I'm not listening to talk radio). 

This post contains raw notes I jotted down as I listened to the May 10, 2015 episode of Shawn Siegel's show "The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust" - he has a YouTube channel, and you can listen live to his how on the Logos Radio Network as well. I subscribe to the podcast (via iTunes) and listen when I can.  

The guest on this episode was Dr. Suzanne Humphries, and she discusses some interesting tidbits of information she's unearthed in her research. From what I've observed, those who question the paradigm of vaccination are more transparent than those who accept it. At at least two points in the program she acknowledges criticism of her book Dissolving Illusions (co-written with Roman Bystrianyk) and answers the criticisms - without resorting to ad hominem attacks of her critics. 

These notes may serve as a starting off point for further research for myself ... or anyone else (though I encourage you to listen to the show yourself - check against my notes!) 

They focus primarily on the measles vaccine during the discussion. 

Lungs have immune cells with CD150 receptors (only immune cells have this type of receptor); The virus targets these receptors (in the natural/spontaneous infection) and it takes about 1 week before it is in the body - first the lymph, then the reticulo-endothelial system ... at which point you begin to show symptoms (Koplik's spots in the mouth, rash, 
fever, cough, etc ...); 

Nectin 4 receptors? 

"Passaging" described - part of the manufacture of measles vaccine (or perhaps its initial development). Cultured on a variety of tissues - human kidney/chorion, monkey kidney, human diploid cells (from aborted fetuses); Vero cells (from monkey kidneys) have CD 46 receptors to which the wild measles virus does not have an affinity - though that changed as a result of techniques used to develop the vaccine strain used in measles vaccines. CD 46 receptors are present on every nucleated cell (ie: all cells in the body except mature red blood cells); 

Measles virus has "H" protein ... virus mutates over time. 

Discussed research about response of vaccinated vs unvaccinated when exposed to wild measles - vac have inferior response compared to unvac (Poland study?);

Measles without rash - increased risk of chronic disease. 

Low-grade chronic infection circulating throughout vaccinated population that manifests as actual full-blown disease when enough people (vac and/or unvac) are susceptible. 

They also touched on Pertussis/Whooping Cough (WC) - discussed theory that the vaccinated may be the source of the mutated bacteria that do not have pertactin and this may be one facet of why the WC vaccine is less effective. This is due in part to the development of "immunity" via injection rather than through the lung tissue (has implications for measles as well since that is also primarily a respiratory virus) - if/when the vaccinated are exposed to disease and subsequently recover may harbor bacteria longer which has allowed it to mutate so the vaccine is less effective. (not sure if this is related to baboon study showing vaccinated as a reservoir of infection).

Dr. VK Singh - testified before congress regarding MMR and auto-immunity/autism 

Dr. Steven Walker 

Pabst study 1997 

Discussed reluctance and/or difficulty of many researchers to pursue research that is perceived as being "anti-vaccine" as it kills careers and ends funding ... being "Wakefielded" (so the issue is not necessarily truth, let alone facts ... science should not be agenda driven, yet it is, as is any human endeavor). 

T cell key to eliminating measles, cellular immune system key, especially with measles. 

Death is used as a way to "persuade" people to accept vaccine even though death rate had decreased to ~500/year (incidence of 3-4 million/year) prior to implementing vaccine.  

These notes are **very** raw and virtually unedited (I typed them up after the fact - they might have more detail and fewer omissions/errors if I had been typing them as I listened but that's not what happened). The interview touched on more that I have forgotten because I wasn't able to write it down (since I frequently listen as I drive!) so I hope you listen to the show and/or episode as well ... and compare your notes to mine! 

Ultimately, those who want vaccines should get them (hardly the position of someone who is "anti-vaccine"!) ... this writer appreciates that we are designed by our Creator (Jesus) to live in freedom. 

Either way, if you decide to receive a vaccine or have your children vaccinated you should be convinced, satisfied in the amount and veracity/trustworthiness of the information upon which you base your decision - and that your decision should be freely made, not coerced, forced, nor manipulated in any way.  

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