Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #7

Tonight's topics: Natural immunization (not the same as vaccination), Homeoprophylaxis, and Fundamental Freedom of Choice

Basics of this theory is described. It is a form of homeopathy. Headlines are shown that state it was used in Cuba to stop an epidemic of Leptospirosis. Another study is described that took place in Australia. Again, no formal citation. As they describe it it does sound a lot like vaccination - that both procedures are founded on a shared theory. Homeopathy is an officially approved treatment/preventative in some states in India. 

Dr. Tetanya Obukhanych (an immunologist) interviewed - Benefits of breastfeeding, studies cited that show a 4 fold decrease in risk of HIB in babies that are exclusively breastfed. Margulis is interviewed and also emphasizes the importance of breastfeeding. Dr. Paul Thomas chimes in as well. 

Probiotics are very briefly discussed, then essential oils - a study is shown on the screen about how EOs help kill flu virus ... however it was a lab study (in vitro), not in vivo (in humans, under real life conditions) and it used MDCK cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells). Dr. Zielinski, DC describes the use of EOs during the plague ... and states the plague had VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that the EOs combated?! Bizarre. What's worse is if they worked all that well why did so many people die? At least they smelled good. I'm willing to cast the net far and wide in the search for truth - but everything hauled up must be carefully evaluated. 15 min into this episode and I am disappointed. I am neutral (at best) on homeopathy (at this point). I do think EOs have uses, even clinical uses, but I also think there are better demonstrations/proofs of this. That they used this type of information says to me that the research for this portion was superficial. 

Dr. Zielinski tells how EOs were used in the early 20th century ... well that's all they had TO use!! No antibiotics yet, nor anything else. Good grief. 

GcMAF (Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage Activating Factor) described as a substance that can treat autism. Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD is interviewed in this segment. He also says it may be used to treat HIV. The theory on how it might help autism is that autism can be associated with latent/chronic viral infections. He goes into some detail about the various chemical components of GcMAF and how they might be involved in how/why it works. 
He also discussed "Rerum", another molecule derived from or related to GcMAF - he describes this as being more effective than GcMAF, and that good nutrition, specifically a ketogenic diet is a critical piece of the treatment, along with probiotics. 

Dr. Toni Bark is interviewed about the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Obukhanych (Dr. O) describes the effect of sugar (detrimental) on neutrophils. 

Neil Miller - speaks on relationship between Vit A and measles mortality/morbidity. High dose Vit A is recommended as a treatment for measles. 

Dr. Humphries speaks on her use of Vit C - she draws on Dr. Fred Klenner for this. I encourage you to read everything she has written and watch all of her You Tube vids. I have great respect for her. 

Dr. O makes the point that the immune system has always known how to work and what to do - it did not need the pharmaceutical system that showed up 50+ years ago. 
Per her - Vit A and C are important for bacterial infections, Vit D for viral, along with gut health - and that these things work synergystically. 

Margulis talks about how to keep our children/selves healthy - start with **real** food - good nutrition. Avoid toxins (acetaminophen and antibiotics are specifically named). Kids need to get outside, don't be afraid to let them get dirty. 

Dr. Paul Thomas talks about a study looking at folic acid supplementation during pregnancy and autism - less autism among those getting folic acid. He also points out that the study was based in Norway - and there are many differences (variables) between Norway and the US, among them, more/longer breastfeeding in Norway, and far fewer vaccines. 

Margulis/Dr. Paul Thomas co-authored a book, The Vaccine Friendly Plan. (They would still be labeled "anti-vaxers" for not adhering to the CDC schedule - that is the definition of anti-vax, deviating from "the schedule" in any way. Thomas describes the alternate schedule he uses - along with listening to parents and following their lead. I think his segment on the MMR is a repeat that was included in a previous episode. 

He did a study of the results of his vaccine friendly plan (retrospective) - no autism in kids using his plan. Also better health in general. His data is a screaming red flag ... it demands further research. 

Dr. Humphries and Dr. Larry Palevsky describe how deaths from infectious diseases were declining precipitously before vaccines came into widespread use. This is attributed to better sanitation, clean water, better living conditions (ie: less crowded). 

Fundamental Freedom of Choice
Various guests discuss vaccine mandates (SB 277). 

Jeffery Jaxen describes how SB 277 was passed (hint: kind like how sausage is made, as with most laws). 

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny discusses Healthy People 2020 (and the use of electronic health records) - this is the adult angle to mandatory vaccines. The EHRs give the government access to your health data - including your immunization status. This is involuntary. 
Vaccination may be linked to ability to go places/travel, work, go to school, get your groceries ... This isn't just about the kids! One goal of Healthy People 2020 is to take away your right to refuse. 2010 - 2020 is the decade of vaccines. 

The Gates Foundation started GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunzation). 

Brandy Vaughan and Barbara Loe Fisher, Allison Folmar, JD discuss the right to determine what goes in our body as a fundamental right. 

Barbara Loe Fisher points out that the attitude of the policy makers is paternalistic and authoritarian. This is enforced with a similar attitude by many pediatricians - some of whom will kick patients out if they do not comply with "the schedule".  This is contrary to the Constitution.

 Calls to actions - 
     1) All mandates recinded in all states
     2) Restore parental/individual rights to medical decision-making
     3) Repeal the 1986 act 

The end is uplifting and filled with "the truth will prevail" types of statements. This is all very lovely but I am not one who is prone to optimism - I hope they are right, for everyone's sake.

For those who watched the series, what did you think?


Monday, April 17, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #6

Tonight's topics include the chickenpox vaccine, the CDC, rotavirus vaccine and retroviruses in vaccines. 

Dr. Larry Palevsky starts with a description of the scientific method. 
  1) Posing a question
  2) Investigate 
  3) Evaluate the data 
  4) Answer the question (called the "null hypothesis)

He points out that science has become highly politicized - there are dogmas and orthodoxies (as described by Robert Kennedy) that must not be challenged. This is not the scientific method! 

Ty describes whistleblowers and interviews Dr. David Lewis (please read his book, Science for Sale!) - he touches on the issue of vaccine safety in his book and basically exonerates Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Dr. Lewis is seen later describing this.

The CDC 
Dr. Paul Thomas describes how he lost faith in the CDC in 2001 when it began recommending Hep B at birth. He also states there is data about the Hep B vaccine that shows those who are vaccinated at birth do not retain risk reduction by the time they are sexually active (only 24% do) - all risk/no reward. Not even a little rational. 

Dr. Brian Hooker describes the revolving door between the CDC and various vaccine industry companies - it is an incestuous relationship, driven by money. The technical term for this is conflict of interest. 

Neil Miller calls for an independent commission for vaccine safety because of the CDC's conflict of interest. 

Dr. Paul Thomas states the CDC's mission is promotion/marketing of pharmaceutical products/vaccines, not the nation's health. 

Robert F. Kennedy describes agency capture by the agencies they are supposed to be regulating. The CDC holds patents on vaccines and sells vaccines - they are the fox guarding the hen house. Ty describes them as a risk management group that influences public opinion - very accurate. 

Dr. Toni Bark describes how those who serve on vaccine related committees get a waiver in regards to conflict of interest issues. How convenient. 

Ty further describes "regulatory capture" - when special interests co-opt policy-makers or political bodies, regulatory agencies in particular, to further their own ends. This extends to far more than the CDC! RFK describes them as "sock puppets". 

Chickenpox vaccine

G. Edward Griffin discusses Gary Goldman PhD's research (he used to work at the CDC) regarding the chickenpox vaccine. He found it decreased incidence of varicella (chickenpox) but increases shingles. The CDC did not allow him to publish this information, this data. He had to sue them to be able to publish these facts. No, science is not the pure pursuit of the truth! Shingles is more serious than chickenpox. 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed about the chickenpox vaccine. He discusses the epidemic of zoster (shingles). He describes one element of "herd" or "community" immunity - that when children get an infection, adults being exposed to them get a "booster". This helps tamp down incidence of infection for both young and old.

Ty describes the kind of tissues used to grow vaccines - both animal and human.
Brief discussion of the use of cells from aborted babies in vaccines. 

More on the CDC

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Brian Hooker PhD describe what Dr. William Thompson (#CDCwhistleblower) disclosed about the study that was spiked to provide the "correct" result. They cooked the books. (The DeStephano study). This is post-normal science. 
Agenda driven science. His co-authors committed federal crimes in literally dumping the data - they threw away data that did not show what they wanted. Dr. William Thompson kept his copies. They knew about the data showing a link between vaccines (especially MMR) as of Nov 2001. Since this point in time >100,000 black males have been diagnosed with autism. How many might have been spared this fate if they had acted on the true data?! 

Dr. Brian Hooker is interviewed and describes his experiences regarding Dr. Thompson. 
It seems gerry-rigging data on vaccines is a habit of the CDC. The technical term for this is fraud.

Dr. Paul Thomas discusses the DeStephano study (2004). 

Minister Tony Muhammad is interviewed. 

Allison Folmar, JD (civil rights attorney) is interviewed. (I saw her speak a few years ago. She's awesome!)

Del Bigtree is interviewed about how he got involved. 

The series suffers from bad editing - topics are jumbled together instead of being presented separately. They started the chickenpox topic but then put in more about issues with the CDC! 

Ty revisits the question posed in the first episode - are we getting informed consent about vaccines. If not, we are in violation of the Nuremberg Code. (I think we are not signatories to it, so it has no legal power in the US). 

Edda West (founder of Vaccine Choice Canada) is interviewed. 

Dr. Brian Hooker alleges that in 1991 Merck knew about the negative impact of the expanding vaccine schedule yet did nothing - no need to thanks to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. 

Robert F. Kennedy describes the influence of pharmaceutical companies as a lobby (compared to other large multi-national industries). He also details how Dr. Offitt grew rich, very rich, from his conflict of interests. 

Margulis discusses Offitt and his vaccine. 

Dr. Paul Thomas also discusses rotavirus and the vaccine. 

Both conclude this is not a necessary vaccine, especially in this country. 

Discussion of contaminants of animal viruses (from pigs) in rotavirus vaccines. 

Sayer Ji discusses Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively's book "The Plague" - another good read! 

Margulis theorizes that the use of rotavirus vaccine has allowed norovirus (a more virulent GI virus) to become more prevalent and virulent. 

Retroviruses in vaccines
Judy Mikovits, PhD is interviewed about her work in retroviruses. 

Del Bigtree points out that saying, "The science is settled" is the most unscientific statement one could make. Science is never settled. 

Dr. Paul Thomas discusses how we keep adding vaccines but the safety of doing this is unknown. He validates the concerns of parents (and others) who question this. 

Jennifer Margulis, PhD points out that our children are not healthy - more vaccines has not led to greater health. I have thoroughly enjoyed her segments - hers is one of many voices of reason I have heard throughout the series. 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield defends himself. I think he is a modern-day Semmelweiss. 

Tomorrow will discuss alternatives to vaccines and medical freedom of choice. 

Thank you for reading.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #5

Tonight's topics: HPV and Hep B vaccines, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

HPV vaccine 
Ty begins with basic information and stats about HPV.

Cervarix - bivalent (2 strains)
Gardasil - quadrivalent (4 strains) 

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD gives more detail about both HPV and the vaccines. 

Neil Miller discusses how use of the vaccine is causing other strains of the vaccine are replacing those that are targeted by the vaccine. 

Ty discusses an article (does not cite the specifics for those who want to read it) in February 2016 Pediatrics that found an increase in prevalence (by 3.7%) in the post-HPV vaccine era since HPV strains targeted by the vaccine were being replaced by other strains. 

Gardasil was studied on only 1100 females <16yo prior to it being licensed. They also used an aluminum "no-cebo" - not a true placebo. Dr. Toni Bark revealed that the placebo group got several doses of the "placebo" while the vaccine group only got 1 or 2 doses of the vaccine - not a true comparison. 

Mike Adams ("the Health Ranger") asks the question - if vaccines (in this case, Gardasil) do not affect the brain (remember - "safe and effective") then how can it cause loss of consciousness (a warning on the drug insert for Gardasil). Lots of things can cause loss of consciousness - since vaccines are injected they are absorbed into the blood stream and taken to all parts of the body - every single system. Even if it is not directly affecting the brain (perhaps it is a vaccine that does not contain various chemicals known to open the blood-brain barrier) it is most certainly having an effect on other body systems and that could also lead to fainting. 

Dr. Toni Bark says a Canadian study (no citation) demonstrated that 10% of those who receive Gardasil need to go to the ER, with 3% of these being admitted for in-patient treatment. 

HPV vaccines account for 25% of VAERS reports (and this is likely an underestimate) - this is as of Dec 31, 2016. 

Many deaths (at least 250) have been associated with HPV, as has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). 

Interview of Dr. Sin Hang Lee (experienced pathologist). He found residual DNA from the HPV vaccine in post-mortem analysis and in samples of the vaccines - this despite reassurances from the Merck and the FDA that there was not virus in the vaccine. 

Ty quotes Dr. Diane Harper (not interviewed, she was involved in the development of the vaccine) that the rate of serious incidents/adverse events caused by the HPV vaccine is more than the rate of cervical cancer. Her point is valid and her analysis is rational. 

Mario Lamo-Jimenez, Colombian journalist is interviewed - he wrote an article in 2013 about the use of HPV vaccine in Colombia. He relates what happened following a mass vaccination campaign in Carmen de Bolivar, a town in Colombia that is comprised of a people group that has had very little mixing with other people groups. Hundreds of girls were negatively affected. When they sought help the very predicable response was "it isn't the vaccine", instead it was considered an episode of mass hysteria. A study was done and the adverse events were "made to go away" wink, wink. Whew, thank heavens for statistics! What would vaccine lovers do without them! 

Dr. Paul Thomas interviewed about HPV, states it is his least liked vaccine. He once again reviews how inadequate and invalid a study for safety or efficacy were those that were done to justify HPV due to no true placebo and short length of the trial. 

HPV vaccine, when given to someone who is already infected with a type of HPV that is in the vaccine, may actually increase risk of progression to cancer (by 44%)

Erin Crawford relates her personal experience with HPV vaccine (hint: it wasn't pleasant). 
She followed conventional medical advice and got very sick. She got cancer. She ultimately decided to stop following conventional medical advice and found a way to heal herself. She has now been cancer free for 11 years.  

Hepatitis B vaccine 
Ty shares the story of the birth of one of his children in Panama - he and his wife were informed they would need to show proof of vaccination before they could get their baby's birth certificate. 

Dr. Margules continues to be a voice of reason - she is interviewed first.

Routine vaccination for Hep B at birth began in 1991 even though it was a disease of low incidence in the USA. Apparently the real motive for this policy change was to prevent the vaccine from becoming an orphan drug. (This per testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher who reports hearing this at a presentation at the CDC). 

Dr. Shawn Centers is interviewed and he discusses another possible motive for the policy of mandating Hep B at birth - epidemiology. Basically, vaccinate everyone for disease "x" regardless of personal risk. He incorrectly identified the ACIP - it actually stands for the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed. Makes the point that Hep B vaccine has a large dose of aluminum. For those who do not need this it is all risk, no reward. He also makes the point that Hep B vaccine was added at the same time that thimerosal was removed from most vaccines - basically swapped one neurotoxin for another. He then goes through the calculations of "safe" limits for aluminum exposure. 

Remember - vaccines are magic and not at all broken, so any ingredient in a vaccine is presto, chango - not a problem! Poof! It's all good. 

Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey are interviewed about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (1986) providing blanket protection to anyone involved with vaccines. No liability of any kind. This is a massive interference in the free market. The products were so "safe and effective" that the pharmaceutical companies were being sued left, right, and center. It was after this that the vaccine schedule started an exponential increase. And there is no end in sight - there are at least 250 vaccines in development. Not a bad business model - mandate the product (guaranteed money) and protection for any bad outcomes. Helluva way to make a profit (please read that literally). 

Statistic is cited that the USA has the greatest number of infants who die the day they are born. Many variables could contribute to that. But to exclude vaccines as a variable is not science. This needs to be considered as a variable for why so many of our newborns die. 

Neil Miller is interviewed about the study he did (with co-author Dr. Gary Goldman) looking at VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). They found a linear relationship between number of vaccines given and death.

Dr. Janet Levatin/Dr. Paul Thomas - both believe SIDS could be related to vaccines. 

The CDC's official position is that there is no relationship between vaccines and SIDS. 

2011 Statistics of Medicine (a full citation is not provided) found a 16-fold increase of death after the fourth dose of a quadrivalent vaccine. 

2017 Current Medicine and Chemistry (a full citation is not provided - Dr. Irvin Sahni is being interviewed) recommended that post-mortem analysis following SIDS examine the autonomic nervous system, particularly after use of multi-valent vaccines. 
Healthy children do not die ... but it's not the vaccines!
Don't forget - "safe and effective"! 

Shaken Baby Syndrome
Dr. Tim O'Shea begins this section, positing it is rather odd that suddenly, parents are choosing to kill their children by shaking them to death. He alleges it is a cover-up for vaccine injury. 

This segment is quite weak. There is another documentary "The Syndrome" (full disclosure, I have not watched it yet) that explores this. Information about HPV was discussed after this topic was started that should have been included with the HPV section rather than been placed here. HPV vaccine should really have been an episode unto itself.

While I have not looked into this specifically I have read some articles that are critical of the theory behind shaken baby syndrome - TTAV would not have had to look to far to get this information.

Jeffery Jaxen is interviewed at the very end - he relates hearing Sheila Easley broach the concept of medical civil disobedience. How sad that it is coming to that. The purpose of civil disobedience is to oppose unjust laws. 

Tomorrow's topics: 
A closer look at the CDC, chicken pox and rotavirus vaccines, and retroviruses. 

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #4

Tonight is #4 of 7 in the series - here is what to expect as you watch: 

More information on the flu vaccine, the HIB vaccine (a particular type of flu that primarily affects children) and pneumococcal vaccine. The topic of "herd immunity" will also be discussed. 

Please do not use my "cliff notes" as a substitute - they are intended to peak your curiosity to check it out for yourself - this is not a transcription! Besides, it's free (for now - you can also certainly buy the entire series to watch at your leisure). 

Here is a link to tonight's episode where you can also buy a copy of the series.  (not an affiliate link). 

Flu vaccine 
One of the most common vaccines given. 

Neil Miller reviews stats on flu deaths and how they are likely inflated. This is primarily because the CDC combines deaths from flu and pneumonia - and the majority of this number is comprised of pneumonia (and many of these people had pre-existing conditions making them more vulnerable to death). 

Dr. Suzanne Humphries discussed two articles (the titles are shown and large enough to read) that imply receipt of the flu vaccine may not be as life-saving as the CDC says it is but may actually be harmful. 

First study: Hayward (primary author)
Natural T-Cell-mediate Protection against Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza. 
(only the top half of the page was displayed, though this will likely be sufficient to get a link to the study or for a librarian to be able to obtain a copy). 

Second study: Bodewes (primary author)
Annual Vaccination against Influenza Virus Hampers Development of Virus-Specific CD8+ 
T Cell Immunity in Children
2011 PMID: 21880755 
Journal of Virology, Nov 2011, pages 11995-12000; Vol 85, No 22. 
(for this one every bit of information necessary to get a copy was prominently displayed. I can only hope this will be the norm throughout the rest of the series as this is how it should be done). 

The Cochrane Collaboration - independent international organization evaluating medical research.
Per them - reliable evidence for the flu vaccine is thin. 

2009 WHO changed the definition of a pandemic to sell vaccines/flu meds (Tamiflu) - yet
the advisors making these recommendations were set to benefit financially from this. 

Cochrane conclusions about the efficacy of flu shots for young children (age 6 month to 2+ years) are not encouraging - as in, why bother. Yet flu vaccine is recommended for everyone age 6 months and up. 

Bottom line - for all age groups for which it has been examined there is a complete paucity of evidence of any benefit in using the flu vaccine. Risk, and expense, but virtually no benefit. 

The package insert of FluLaval acknowledges there are no studies demonstrating it is effective at decreasing flu infection. Doesn't that make you want to roll up your sleeve?! 

Cowling (primary author) 2012 (this is available full text, for free)
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Increased risk of non-influenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine. 
This study used an actual placebo (saline) - a 4-5x higher incidence of non-influenza viral infections in the vaccinated. So not much risk reduction (if any) against the flu, but a higher risk of being sick from something else. Step right up, get your "safe and effective" vaccine! 

More discussion of mercury in vaccines. 

Vaccine 2011 or 2012
Inflammatory responses to trivalent influenza virus vaccine among pregnant women. 
(hard to read further detail that might help get this study)

Generic reference (no citations) that exposure to inflammatory markers during fetal development is associated with autism. 

Flu vaccine is considered hazardous waste and must be treated as such (because of the thimerosal in the multi-dose vials) - if it breaks the building is to be evacuated so haz mat teams can come in with moon suits and respirators to clean it up (yet we are injecting this into our bodies?) 

50,000 parts per billion mercury in a multi-dose vial. 
2 parts per billion is the EPA limit for drinking water. 
200 parts per billion would label something toxic waste. 

Dr. Suzanne Humphries tells how she saw the correlation between flu shot and her patients (both in patient and out patient) having bad outcomes.(I encourage you to read both her books - Dissolving Illusions and Rising From the Dead). 

First Flu is Forever
Nov 11, 2016 
"The first influenza attack that a child suffers can affect the way that their lifelong immunity to the virus builds up." So - perhaps getting sick is not the worst thing that can happen to us. 

Dr Paul Thomas discusses "quality measures" - a way doctors are judged to determine if they are practicing good medicine. Lots of pressure to conform to a one-size fits all schedule. If you vaccinate, but not according to the CDC schedule, they are deemed to be "not vaccinating" and their score is lower. 

Healthcare professionals are fired for not taking a flu shot. 

There are financial incentives to have patients comply with vaccine schedules. Doctors are punished financially if their patients are not vaccinated. 

Vaccines are huge money makers for physicians (especially pediatricians). 

HIB: Haemophilus Influenza B vaccine
Prevnar: pneumococcal vaccine 
Both are meant to reduce risk for types of meningitis 
Dr. Paul Thomas discusses both of these vaccines. 

Food allergies - definitely on the rise. 
There are food proteins in vaccines and other medications. 
Vit K (given at birth to all infants) - contains egg protein and castor oil. Castor oil can cross react with peanuts and tree nuts. 
HIB vaccines - can contain peanut oil in the adjuvants. The HIB bacterium in terms of molecular weight and other factors is similar to peanuts. 

Vit K - given to infants at birth. Not a vaccine, but a routine medical procedure. The primary purpose of this is to reduce risk of brain bleeds. Newborns do not have the same amount of Vit K in their bodies as adults. Vit K is obtained by diet and also made by some bacteria in the gut (and newborns guts are not yet colonized with these bacteria). Vit K is necessary for blood clotting. The levels do rise slowly in the first weeks of life (no doubt this is among the reasons why The Lord instructed Moses to circumcise boys at 8 days of life rather than earlier). But why are we comparing newborns to adults (ie: in terms of levels of this vitamin)? 

Studies listed implying an increased risk of some childhood cancers linked with receipt of Vit K as a newborn. 

Once again, it seems the primary issue is to give parents the information and let them make a decision about what risk/benefit ration they are willing to live with. 

Prevnar - once the 7 valent was introduced there was a shift in the prevalence and virulence of strains of the bacteria (there are more than 90) so now it is Prevnar 13 and the same phenomenon is occurring. 

For the Prevnar 13 vaccine study the "placebo" was Prevnar 7. For the Prevnar 7 vaccine study the "placebo" was an investigational meningococcal vaccine - so it has never been studied with a true placebo. 

Discussion of tylenol and its impact on glutathione (a master detox chemical in the liver). 
Negative effects of tylenol is magnified by testosterone (and might this be one reason why there is more autism in boys?) 

Dr. Margules exhorts listeners to look beyond the headline of a study, read more than just the abstract but look also at the details of a study - good advice! We all need to do the work. 

An infant's immune system does not fully develop until age 2-3 years old. That is one reason why they must be immunized multiple times. 

Most countries do not vaccinate any where near as heavily as the US does. 

Neil Miller discusses his study examining the correlation between doses of vaccines and the infant mortality rate (hint: more vaccines, higher IMR). 
The US is 34th for infant mortality (33 nations have better outcomes for their infants). 

Brief discussion of the Nuremberg Code and various dictators and their tactics and the similarities to the use of vaccines - of forcing people to use them.

Herd Immunity 
The premise of so-called "herd immunity" is also discussed. One of the basic tenets is that the primary mode of transmission of infectious illness is through the unvaccinated. 

This segment was woefully under-explored ... there is far more to this concept than what they discussed, including why this theory does not work with vaccines. Perhaps it will be more thoroughly covered in another episode. 
Barbara Loe Fisher states that vaccine mediated immunity against pertussis is an illusion because the risk reduction is very temporary (may be as low as two years) and the bacteria has changed in response to wide-spread use of the vaccine.

Disease can be spread by asymptomatic carriers (including the vaccinated).

Margules is a voice of reason - we should not be trusting government with our children's health (or our own!) - parents, trust yourselves and find a health care provider with whom you can have a collaborative relationship.

Have you been watching? What do you think of the content?

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #3

So tonight's episode will be further exploring MMR and DTaP and also the concept of vaccinating for "the greater good". 

MMR (or ProQuad - a 4-valent vaccine that includes chicken pox)
The ingredients of both are listed - including the fact that this live virus vaccine contains DNA from an aborted baby (this is also true for several other vaccines). 

Many outbreaks of Mumps in fully vaccinated populations. 

Merck whistleblower lawsuit - 2 scientist who work for Merck allege the tests "proving" efficacy of the mumps portion of the MMR were spiked to achieve the desired result.

Between 2-10% of people are non-responders to vaccines (they at least get credit for trying and taking the vaccine). 

Timing of when vaccines were introduced in relation to when epidemics began to fade and other reasons for why the epidemics diminshed. 

The use of fear to manipulate people into vaccinating by framing diseases for which there is a vaccine as a "deadly" disease. 

Benefits of contracting the disease that cannot be obtained by a vaccine. 

Dr. Wakefield is interviewed - always worth listening to! 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed and describes a part of the process of how new information is discovered in medicine - case studies. This is what Dr. Wakefield did - he listened to his patient (their parents) and followed where that lead. Dr. Thomas describes the same process as well. He briefly describes the controversy around Dr. William Thompson and the 2004 Pediatrics study that was gerry-rigged to scrub any link between autism and MMR vaccine. 

Ty Bollinger accurately describes the findings of Dr. Wakefield's (retracted) study and his motivations - which were NOT "anti-vaccine". He posed a question. That is all. 

There is a good discussion of the use of fear to manipulate people and how this discourages discussion and discovery of new true, accurate knowledge. It also is used to eliminate freedom and liberty. 

 86% of those who contracted measles in the Disneyland outbreak were up to date on their MMR vaccination. 

Discussion of spread of vaccine strain diseases. 


Hx of DTP (one of the first versions of what is now the DTaP). 

Interview of Michael Hugo - lawyer involved in suing over DTP injuries discusses how data was sanitized to protect the vaccine. He reports numerous instances of deceit on the part of the manufacturer. He goes on to describe how they did actuarial analysis to determine what the price of the vaccine should be in order to continue to make a profit. 

Ty then asks the viewer what do we think about this? I think he is implying that it is somehow wrong that the company does this. I don't think it is wrong - I think it is rational. This is the free market at work. This is what happened prior to the VICP being established, before the 1986 law that provided total immunity from liability for anyone involved in vaccines. 

This is the way it is supposed to work - the product stays on the market, those who believe they derive greater benefit than risk from its use are willing to pay the higher price. Obviously, this only works properly if there is a free market - in other words, no mandates. 

Reviewed the Wyeth Tennessee incident - the strategy to distribute small amounts of a batch of vaccine to decrease the odds of having a cluster of bad outcomes in one area that would make it easier to spot associations of adverse reactions (especially very serious ones like death) with a vaccine. 

Dr Paul Thomas points out that the risk of an infant dying from pertussis is literally 1 in 1 million (about 4 million births in the US per year, 5-10 deaths from pertussis per year, mostly in infants <3 months of age). Yet we refuse to consider the risk of vaccinating - it comes at the cost of injecting a known neurotoxin (aluminum) into pregnant women and infants. 

Neil Miller discusses how those vaccinated for pertussis can be carriers of the disease and that the widespread use of the vaccine has caused a shift in the type of bacteria so that the vaccine is not as effective. 

Dr Suzanne Humphries discusses research (on poor, minority populations) where tetanus vaccines were laced with Hcg in order to cause abortions and/or sterility as a form of birth control. 

Barbara Loe Fischer discusses the 1905 Jacobson Supreme Court decision allowing forced vaccination against Smallpox. The tyranny of the majority - the minority considered expendable for others (utilitarianism). It paved the way for 1927 Buck v Bell - legalized involuntary sterilization/eugenics laws. This mindset (permitting forced vaccination) says that one child is expendable for another.

2005 UNESCO agreement upholds the right to prior informed consent and voluntary, not compelled receipt of medical intervention, including vaccination. 

Sayer Ji points out that if we do not have a choice over what goes into our bodies we are chattel - we are owned by those who wield the power to inject us with what they decide is best for us or others. 

 Have you been watching? What do you think? 

Thank you for reading! 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines: Episode #2

Three topics are on the docket for tonight's episode: 

First topic tackled - the use of epidemiological studies to study vaccines. Per Robert F Kennedy this type of study is "notoriously" easy to manipulate. "Statistic don't lie, but statisticians do". He alleges CDC studies eliminated populations of autistics in their studies demonstrating the lack of association between vaccines and autism. 

Brandy Vaughan used to work for Merck and reports seeing how "shady and unethical things are done" and that studies are manipulated, as are doctors who trust drug reps. 

Barbara Loe Fischer (of the NVIC) discussed how the populations on which vaccines are studied in vaccine trials are dissimilar to the general population who get vaccines. She states study populations are far more well (not included if sick in any way) and not neurologically damaged. She states that vaccines are now routinely given to ill children. She also states that the clinical trials are quite small numerically.

Drs Suzanne Humphries and Sherry Tenpenny discuss how clinical trials use no-ceboes ("placebos" that are not placebos but rather a biologically active substance). The "placebo" is not biologically inert but may be a different vaccine or the excipient for the vaccine in question (that has all of the ingredients of the vaccine except for the antigen of the disease). 

Ty Bollinger (host of the series) reports a study done by the University of California (he does not give the location) published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Oct 19, 2010) that examined the information provided about placebos in other medical studies and found that very little information was given most of the time - this is very concerning as not having a true placebo control can radically change the results of a study calling its trustworthiness and validity into question. 

While there is a screen shot of the PubMed page with the title of the study visible it would be enormously helpful to viewers if the doi number and/or full citation were **clearly** visible while he made his remarks!!!!   

What is in a vaccine? 

Vaccines are cultured on a variety of tissues, both human (generally aborted fetuses) and animal (dog/pig/monkey/chicken among others).  

2005 - the FDA published a report on the contamination of foreign DNA in vaccines and acknowledged that no one knew what effect this would have on human health.

Triton X100 - a Dow chemical, a surfactant that is used in flu vaccines.  

Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen. 

Adjuvants - toxic, inflammatory chemicals to potentiate the immune response that might not otherwise happen (this is to achieve an antibody titre as this is considered sufficient for risk reduction/"protection"). 

Those who are advocates of vaccination maintain that there is insufficient exposure to these chemicals to cause a problem, though there is a paucity of research to support this position. 

The issue of ingredients in vaccines is far far greater than mercury. 

Glyphosate is also being found in vaccines, though it is not being put in there deliberately by the manufacturers. How is it getting in there? What effect is it having? 

Aluminum in vaccines - the type of aluminum in vaccines is different than the type found in food that we ingest and it (along with other ingredients) opens the blood-brain barrier and can bring viruses or other components into the brain itself. Polysorbate 80 also opens the blood-brain barrier. Is there any purpose in having vaccine materials in the brain? Do we know what happens when this occurs? 

For the sake of safety we should assume vaccines are doing damage - they should not be given the benefit of the doubt but instead should be tested until their safety is demonstrated or their risk/benefit profile is better known. 

What are the cumulative effects of multiple doses of these chemicals? We.don't.know. 

The FDA has established the maximum amount of aluminum (not more than 5mcg/kg/day or 25mcg) that is safe to receive parenterally (ie: through injection) yet newborn infants are routinely given a Hep B shot that contains 20x the established safe amount. At two months they are getting 50x the amount of aluminum allowed. 

Aluminum in known to be neuro-toxic. 

Thimerosal - mercury (the most neuro-toxic substance known) is still in vaccines, though in smaller amounts ("trace") than before. So there are two known neuro-toxins in vaccines. 
How do they potentiate each other? Why is no one considering the synergistic toxicity of vaccines and their ingredients? 

A "thimerosal free" vaccine can contain up to 600 parts per billion mercury. According to the EPA the limit for mercury in drinking water (before it is considered dangerous) is 2 parts per billion - and at 200 parts per billion it is considered a toxic hazard. 

Thimerosal was the focus of the Simpsonwood meeting (you might want to look up the transcripts!) - thimerosal did not come out looking too good. Subscribe to the series (if you have not already, see yesterday's blog for a link if you need it) and read the statement on the screen at 43min 12sec by Dr Weil. 

Are vaccines effective? 

For vaccines "effectiveness" is determined by the presence of antibodies regardless of whether this stops you from getting sick or not. 

CBR - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research - it exists within the FDA. This agency acknowledges that an antibody response can be insufficient to reduce risk of getting ill. 

Medical intervention must always be a choice. 

What about polio?

 Getting sick with polio does not mean a person will automatically become paralyzed. 

Even during the worst outbreaks of polio there were many, if not most, who had silent infections - they did not even know they were sick. Of those who were symptomatic (flu-like symptoms) only a small fraction of these were paralyzed and many of them were temporarily affected and recovered (at 1hr 8min mark). 

Certain chemicals can cause symptoms that mimic polio - DDT among them. 

The definition of polio was changed when the vaccine came out which made the vaccine look more effective than it actually was. 

They increased the number of cases needed in order to declare it an epidemic (and these days they declare an epidemic with 1 case of measles, or whatever is the disease du jour). 

Cutter Incident - polio vaccine caused polio, permanent paralysis, and death. 

Polio vaccine contaminated with SV40 - Simian Virus 40, an oncogenic virus - that can be passed on to future generations. Has been found in bone, brain, and lung cancers. 

Barbara Loe Fischer makes the point that those who question vaccine safety are vilified - they lose jobs and funding. 

OPV - Oral Polio Vaccine is a live virus vaccine - it spreads polio very effectively. Watch this discussion. 

Click here to sign up so you can watch - verify my notes for yourself.

What's up on tomorrow's episode - 
- An analysis of the MMR and DTaP vaccines
- Vaccinating for the Greater Good (hmmm ... may mention a certain documentary of 
     the same name and/or discuss "herd" immunity)

Thank you for reading - and please watch The Truth About Vaccines.

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #1

The Truth About Vaccines is a documentary series on the web - 7 nights, new content each night, beginning tonight. Click here to register to get the link for each episode sent to you (not an affiliate link)

You will hear from many people - doctors (varying specialties), parents (who believed in vaccines yet had devastating consequences from vaccines), lawyers - who provide information about this issue. 

You'll hear experts testifying that vaccine-insiders, true believers who advocate for vaccination refuse to follow the vaccine schedule they state others should follow - and they refuse to follow this schedule because of the science they have read - regardless of the fact that they think others should follow this schedule. They just don't want their loved ones to be damaged - yet are willing to live with the fact that (according to the science they know) many others will be damaged due to following their advice. 

You'll hear many people asking the very relevant question "Why?" - why did my child change radically after vaccination. Why is the rate of autism skyrocketing? Why does everyone associated with vaccines have no liability except for the families left coping with the damaged children. 

There is far more to vaccines than "safe and effective" - this is where you can get further information so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to accept vaccination or not. 

You'll hear Dr. Andrew Wakefield make the incredibly important point that "effective" does not necessarily mean "safe" - and that if you are setting policy for children/people who are healthy to begin with the bar for safety should be set very high - for if it is not you could ultimately be giving them a medical intervention that could destroy the good health they currently have. Not an acceptable risk/benefit trade off! 

You'll see the entry in the Federal Register mandating that information questioning vaccines must not be permitted lest it damage the vaccine program (my paraphrase - I'm typing as I listen!)

You'll learn the history of vaccination, and the theory of it. 

Interestingly enough, the theory of vaccination sounds reasonable - small exposure to a disease to simulate the immune system. It sounds rather similar to the theory of homeopathy! But theories are meant to be tested to determine if they are true. 

Who is doing the testing? Are they biased or do they have conflicts of interest? 

You'll hear about Leichester, England - and how they responded to a Smallpox epidemic and forced vaccination ... really interesting and important! The impact of vaccination upon the eradication of disease is not what we have been told - we have been given incomplete information - also known as a narrative. 

At 1hr 39min - I so appreciate Del Bigtree - he "gets it" ... watch and you'll hear why I wrote that! 

You'll hear from several doctors who were "made to care" for asking questions and not marching in lockstep to the CDC vaccination schedule. 

Dr. Toni Bark touches on the concept of cognitive dissonance toward the end.

Robert Kennedy quoting Malcom X - "The greatest power of the press is the power to ignore." Profound truth - MSM has ignored the #CDCwhistleblower, CDC and FDA agency capture, conflict of interest, and more ... 

I knew it would not be "pro-vaccine" ... it was far less "anti-vaccine" than I expected. Every person asked reasonable questions and had valid points. The extreme position is the one that insists there is nothing to discuss - that the "science is settled". 

Episode #2 will cover what is in a vaccine, do vaccines work, and what about polio?

Good stuff - please check it out ... scroll up to the top for the link to sign up! 

Did you watch? What did you think?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Reblog: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All

Re-blogged (with author's permission) from The Fearless Parent, Louise Kuo Habakus. 
Link to original post here (originally posted on The Fearless Parent Mar 31, 2017). 

The title is deliberately provocative, but entirely accurate - do not make assumptions. 

         How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All

Editor’s Note: We will be following along with The Truth About Vaccines free docuseries that is launching on April 12 and discussing some of the key issues raised. This post is perhaps the most important backdrop to begin the discussion. Sign up here and follow along with us.

Step back and take a good look. It’s a full blown, parent on parent brawl. I’m struck with an urgency that the vaccine discussion is perilously off track and acutely needs correction. The anti-vaccine controversy isn’t really about disease, public health, science, autism, or chronic illness. It’s not even about vaccines.

It’s about the role of government in our lives

As parents face off and hurl epithets, colossal special interests are having a field day codifying a set of laws that are systematically and comprehensively taking away our fundamental rights. It’s a massive overreach. 

Will you grant government bureaucrats carte blanche to define and ultimately direct the education and welfare of your children across a broad spectrum of issues, and to allow your children to be taken away if you do not comply?
Yes, that’s exactly what this is about.

So stop saying whether you vaccinate

It doesn’t matter. And acting as if it does is a big part of the problem. Whether you choose all, some, or no vaccines, it’s way past time to quit publicly disclosing your family’s personal medical information as a badge of honor. Just because other people are asking doesn’t mean that you should do it.

There are myriad reasons that factor into each family’s decision, relating to matters that are simply no one else’s business. You shouldn’t have to explain or justify any of them. You shouldn’t open yourself to the possibility of needing to explain or justify any of them. It’s entirely feasible to have an educated and thoughtful discussion on vaccination without oversharing. In fact, it’s probably more effective that way.

For a bit of context only. Should couples with a family history of Down’s syndrome be permitted to have children? Should people reveal blood test results that provide a very early warning of Alzheimer’s? Or how about genetic markers whose expression will make you a less desirable employee, mate, or insurance risk? And so on.

This is precisely the point. If we don’t treat this critically important decision as the intensely private affair that it is, then we co-create a culture in which it’s legitimate, then appropriate, and ultimately imperative for others — bureaucrats, doctors, schools, employers, reporters, neighbors — to ask and then tell us what we must think and do. 

Read the rest of the post here

I'm looking forward to the follow up post she promises at the end. It's focus is about eliminating parental rights, but I am sure there is cross-over into individual rights and personal liberty. 

Regardless of which political party is in the majority the end result is that our personal liberty is being eroded - and we are complicit in this. We are electing people who look like us (in terms of worldview) and who are doing what we want - providing us "benefits", perpetuating the lie you can get something for nothing. The cost for a false sense of security is being owned. We are on Uncle Sam's plantation. 

Please be sure to read the comments - the author replies to some comments about the title of this piece and I think her reply is accurate.