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The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #5

Tonight's topics: HPV and Hep B vaccines, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

HPV vaccine 
Ty begins with basic information and stats about HPV.

Cervarix - bivalent (2 strains)
Gardasil - quadrivalent (4 strains) 

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD gives more detail about both HPV and the vaccines. 

Neil Miller discusses how use of the vaccine is causing other strains of the vaccine are replacing those that are targeted by the vaccine. 

Ty discusses an article (does not cite the specifics for those who want to read it) in February 2016 Pediatrics that found an increase in prevalence (by 3.7%) in the post-HPV vaccine era since HPV strains targeted by the vaccine were being replaced by other strains. 

Gardasil was studied on only 1100 females <16yo prior to it being licensed. They also used an aluminum "no-cebo" - not a true placebo. Dr. Toni Bark revealed that the placebo group got several doses of the "placebo" while the vaccine group only got 1 or 2 doses of the vaccine - not a true comparison. 

Mike Adams ("the Health Ranger") asks the question - if vaccines (in this case, Gardasil) do not affect the brain (remember - "safe and effective") then how can it cause loss of consciousness (a warning on the drug insert for Gardasil). Lots of things can cause loss of consciousness - since vaccines are injected they are absorbed into the blood stream and taken to all parts of the body - every single system. Even if it is not directly affecting the brain (perhaps it is a vaccine that does not contain various chemicals known to open the blood-brain barrier) it is most certainly having an effect on other body systems and that could also lead to fainting. 

Dr. Toni Bark says a Canadian study (no citation) demonstrated that 10% of those who receive Gardasil need to go to the ER, with 3% of these being admitted for in-patient treatment. 

HPV vaccines account for 25% of VAERS reports (and this is likely an underestimate) - this is as of Dec 31, 2016. 

Many deaths (at least 250) have been associated with HPV, as has POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). 

Interview of Dr. Sin Hang Lee (experienced pathologist). He found residual DNA from the HPV vaccine in post-mortem analysis and in samples of the vaccines - this despite reassurances from the Merck and the FDA that there was not virus in the vaccine. 

Ty quotes Dr. Diane Harper (not interviewed, she was involved in the development of the vaccine) that the rate of serious incidents/adverse events caused by the HPV vaccine is more than the rate of cervical cancer. Her point is valid and her analysis is rational. 

Mario Lamo-Jimenez, Colombian journalist is interviewed - he wrote an article in 2013 about the use of HPV vaccine in Colombia. He relates what happened following a mass vaccination campaign in Carmen de Bolivar, a town in Colombia that is comprised of a people group that has had very little mixing with other people groups. Hundreds of girls were negatively affected. When they sought help the very predicable response was "it isn't the vaccine", instead it was considered an episode of mass hysteria. A study was done and the adverse events were "made to go away" wink, wink. Whew, thank heavens for statistics! What would vaccine lovers do without them! 

Dr. Paul Thomas interviewed about HPV, states it is his least liked vaccine. He once again reviews how inadequate and invalid a study for safety or efficacy were those that were done to justify HPV due to no true placebo and short length of the trial. 

HPV vaccine, when given to someone who is already infected with a type of HPV that is in the vaccine, may actually increase risk of progression to cancer (by 44%)

Erin Crawford relates her personal experience with HPV vaccine (hint: it wasn't pleasant). 
She followed conventional medical advice and got very sick. She got cancer. She ultimately decided to stop following conventional medical advice and found a way to heal herself. She has now been cancer free for 11 years.  

Hepatitis B vaccine 
Ty shares the story of the birth of one of his children in Panama - he and his wife were informed they would need to show proof of vaccination before they could get their baby's birth certificate. 

Dr. Margules continues to be a voice of reason - she is interviewed first.

Routine vaccination for Hep B at birth began in 1991 even though it was a disease of low incidence in the USA. Apparently the real motive for this policy change was to prevent the vaccine from becoming an orphan drug. (This per testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher who reports hearing this at a presentation at the CDC). 

Dr. Shawn Centers is interviewed and he discusses another possible motive for the policy of mandating Hep B at birth - epidemiology. Basically, vaccinate everyone for disease "x" regardless of personal risk. He incorrectly identified the ACIP - it actually stands for the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed. Makes the point that Hep B vaccine has a large dose of aluminum. For those who do not need this it is all risk, no reward. He also makes the point that Hep B vaccine was added at the same time that thimerosal was removed from most vaccines - basically swapped one neurotoxin for another. He then goes through the calculations of "safe" limits for aluminum exposure. 

Remember - vaccines are magic and not at all broken, so any ingredient in a vaccine is presto, chango - not a problem! Poof! It's all good. 

Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey are interviewed about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (1986) providing blanket protection to anyone involved with vaccines. No liability of any kind. This is a massive interference in the free market. The products were so "safe and effective" that the pharmaceutical companies were being sued left, right, and center. It was after this that the vaccine schedule started an exponential increase. And there is no end in sight - there are at least 250 vaccines in development. Not a bad business model - mandate the product (guaranteed money) and protection for any bad outcomes. Helluva way to make a profit (please read that literally). 

Statistic is cited that the USA has the greatest number of infants who die the day they are born. Many variables could contribute to that. But to exclude vaccines as a variable is not science. This needs to be considered as a variable for why so many of our newborns die. 

Neil Miller is interviewed about the study he did (with co-author Dr. Gary Goldman) looking at VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). They found a linear relationship between number of vaccines given and death.

Dr. Janet Levatin/Dr. Paul Thomas - both believe SIDS could be related to vaccines. 

The CDC's official position is that there is no relationship between vaccines and SIDS. 

2011 Statistics of Medicine (a full citation is not provided) found a 16-fold increase of death after the fourth dose of a quadrivalent vaccine. 

2017 Current Medicine and Chemistry (a full citation is not provided - Dr. Irvin Sahni is being interviewed) recommended that post-mortem analysis following SIDS examine the autonomic nervous system, particularly after use of multi-valent vaccines. 
Healthy children do not die ... but it's not the vaccines!
Don't forget - "safe and effective"! 

Shaken Baby Syndrome
Dr. Tim O'Shea begins this section, positing it is rather odd that suddenly, parents are choosing to kill their children by shaking them to death. He alleges it is a cover-up for vaccine injury. 

This segment is quite weak. There is another documentary "The Syndrome" (full disclosure, I have not watched it yet) that explores this. Information about HPV was discussed after this topic was started that should have been included with the HPV section rather than been placed here. HPV vaccine should really have been an episode unto itself.

While I have not looked into this specifically I have read some articles that are critical of the theory behind shaken baby syndrome - TTAV would not have had to look to far to get this information.

Jeffery Jaxen is interviewed at the very end - he relates hearing Sheila Easley broach the concept of medical civil disobedience. How sad that it is coming to that. The purpose of civil disobedience is to oppose unjust laws. 

Tomorrow's topics: 
A closer look at the CDC, chicken pox and rotavirus vaccines, and retroviruses. 

Thank you for reading!

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