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The Truth About Vaccines: Episode #2

Three topics are on the docket for tonight's episode: 

First topic tackled - the use of epidemiological studies to study vaccines. Per Robert F Kennedy this type of study is "notoriously" easy to manipulate. "Statistic don't lie, but statisticians do". He alleges CDC studies eliminated populations of autistics in their studies demonstrating the lack of association between vaccines and autism. 

Brandy Vaughan used to work for Merck and reports seeing how "shady and unethical things are done" and that studies are manipulated, as are doctors who trust drug reps. 

Barbara Loe Fischer (of the NVIC) discussed how the populations on which vaccines are studied in vaccine trials are dissimilar to the general population who get vaccines. She states study populations are far more well (not included if sick in any way) and not neurologically damaged. She states that vaccines are now routinely given to ill children. She also states that the clinical trials are quite small numerically.

Drs Suzanne Humphries and Sherry Tenpenny discuss how clinical trials use no-ceboes ("placebos" that are not placebos but rather a biologically active substance). The "placebo" is not biologically inert but may be a different vaccine or the excipient for the vaccine in question (that has all of the ingredients of the vaccine except for the antigen of the disease). 

Ty Bollinger (host of the series) reports a study done by the University of California (he does not give the location) published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Oct 19, 2010) that examined the information provided about placebos in other medical studies and found that very little information was given most of the time - this is very concerning as not having a true placebo control can radically change the results of a study calling its trustworthiness and validity into question. 

While there is a screen shot of the PubMed page with the title of the study visible it would be enormously helpful to viewers if the doi number and/or full citation were **clearly** visible while he made his remarks!!!!   

What is in a vaccine? 

Vaccines are cultured on a variety of tissues, both human (generally aborted fetuses) and animal (dog/pig/monkey/chicken among others).  

2005 - the FDA published a report on the contamination of foreign DNA in vaccines and acknowledged that no one knew what effect this would have on human health.

Triton X100 - a Dow chemical, a surfactant that is used in flu vaccines.  

Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen. 

Adjuvants - toxic, inflammatory chemicals to potentiate the immune response that might not otherwise happen (this is to achieve an antibody titre as this is considered sufficient for risk reduction/"protection"). 

Those who are advocates of vaccination maintain that there is insufficient exposure to these chemicals to cause a problem, though there is a paucity of research to support this position. 

The issue of ingredients in vaccines is far far greater than mercury. 

Glyphosate is also being found in vaccines, though it is not being put in there deliberately by the manufacturers. How is it getting in there? What effect is it having? 

Aluminum in vaccines - the type of aluminum in vaccines is different than the type found in food that we ingest and it (along with other ingredients) opens the blood-brain barrier and can bring viruses or other components into the brain itself. Polysorbate 80 also opens the blood-brain barrier. Is there any purpose in having vaccine materials in the brain? Do we know what happens when this occurs? 

For the sake of safety we should assume vaccines are doing damage - they should not be given the benefit of the doubt but instead should be tested until their safety is demonstrated or their risk/benefit profile is better known. 

What are the cumulative effects of multiple doses of these chemicals? We.don't.know. 

The FDA has established the maximum amount of aluminum (not more than 5mcg/kg/day or 25mcg) that is safe to receive parenterally (ie: through injection) yet newborn infants are routinely given a Hep B shot that contains 20x the established safe amount. At two months they are getting 50x the amount of aluminum allowed. 

Aluminum in known to be neuro-toxic. 

Thimerosal - mercury (the most neuro-toxic substance known) is still in vaccines, though in smaller amounts ("trace") than before. So there are two known neuro-toxins in vaccines. 
How do they potentiate each other? Why is no one considering the synergistic toxicity of vaccines and their ingredients? 

A "thimerosal free" vaccine can contain up to 600 parts per billion mercury. According to the EPA the limit for mercury in drinking water (before it is considered dangerous) is 2 parts per billion - and at 200 parts per billion it is considered a toxic hazard. 

Thimerosal was the focus of the Simpsonwood meeting (you might want to look up the transcripts!) - thimerosal did not come out looking too good. Subscribe to the series (if you have not already, see yesterday's blog for a link if you need it) and read the statement on the screen at 43min 12sec by Dr Weil. 

Are vaccines effective? 

For vaccines "effectiveness" is determined by the presence of antibodies regardless of whether this stops you from getting sick or not. 

CBR - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research - it exists within the FDA. This agency acknowledges that an antibody response can be insufficient to reduce risk of getting ill. 

Medical intervention must always be a choice. 

What about polio?

 Getting sick with polio does not mean a person will automatically become paralyzed. 

Even during the worst outbreaks of polio there were many, if not most, who had silent infections - they did not even know they were sick. Of those who were symptomatic (flu-like symptoms) only a small fraction of these were paralyzed and many of them were temporarily affected and recovered (at 1hr 8min mark). 

Certain chemicals can cause symptoms that mimic polio - DDT among them. 

The definition of polio was changed when the vaccine came out which made the vaccine look more effective than it actually was. 

They increased the number of cases needed in order to declare it an epidemic (and these days they declare an epidemic with 1 case of measles, or whatever is the disease du jour). 

Cutter Incident - polio vaccine caused polio, permanent paralysis, and death. 

Polio vaccine contaminated with SV40 - Simian Virus 40, an oncogenic virus - that can be passed on to future generations. Has been found in bone, brain, and lung cancers. 

Barbara Loe Fischer makes the point that those who question vaccine safety are vilified - they lose jobs and funding. 

OPV - Oral Polio Vaccine is a live virus vaccine - it spreads polio very effectively. Watch this discussion. 

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What's up on tomorrow's episode - 
- An analysis of the MMR and DTaP vaccines
- Vaccinating for the Greater Good (hmmm ... may mention a certain documentary of 
     the same name and/or discuss "herd" immunity)

Thank you for reading - and please watch The Truth About Vaccines.

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