Monday, April 03, 2017

Hive mind and vaccines

The free market is the ultimate "hive mind". The term "hive mind" has multiple definitions, some negative, some positive. I am using it in a positive sense in that the free market is the ultimate in the collective expression of individual market decisions or choices.

The free market works, when it is free. The market in the United States is increasingly less free, especially for the product known as vaccines. 

The market for vaccines ceased to be free in 1986 when the National Childhood Injury Vaccine Act was made law. This law provides total immunity (pun intended) to virtually anyone connected with vaccination - from nurse/doctor who orders it to the manufacturer and those who recommend them (based on research that is, at best, gerry-rigged to provide a pre-determined outcome - see #CDCwhistleblower for starters, but follow up with Poul Thorson, watch the documentary Vaxxed, look up Simpsonwood, they Wyeth memo, read the drug inserts before consenting to vaccination, check out the Merck whistleblower lawsuit about the mumps portion of the MMR).  Because of this law the manufacturers of vaccines have no reason to make their product better or safer. Because of this law doctors and nurses who vaccinate have no compelling reason to do more than pass out a VIS (Vaccine Information Statement - provided by the CDC) to think they have provided informed consent (pro tip - this is not sufficient for informed consent!)

Since "vaccines are magical and not at all broken" no one believes anyone who reports they were injured by a vaccine - and the "vaccine court" created by the 1986 NCIV is adversarial for those who seek redress through it - if they get in before the statue of limitations! 

Since "vaccines are magical and not at all broken" those who are devoted to them get "deer in the headlight" looks when they are asked reasonable questions about this downright mythical product. 

Since "vaccines are magical and not at all broken" those who do question their safety and/or efficacy are treated as pariahs. If they are healthcare professionals their jobs/careers are threatened (Dr. Sears in California is feeling the heat from the Vaccine Jihad these days). If it were a more generic healthcare issue you could refer to this as being "Semmelweised" but since it is about vaccines the more contemporary term would be "Wakefielded". I think he is a modern day Semmelweis. I hope he has a better end, he surely deserves it, and did not deserve what happened to him because he followed the facts and asked a reasonable question. (pro tip: read the actual study first - yes, the one that was retracted by The Lancet. pro tip: the study NEVER suggested a link between vaccines and autism). 

Like many, I USED TO believe everything I was taught because I gave my educators the benefit of the doubt - I trusted them to tell me/teach me factual, truthful information. I am no longer so naive, nor so trusting.

Like many, I USED TO believe vaccines were "safe and effective". No longer. Like most who now question vaccines I started out "pro-vaccine".

Now I **think** our knowledge of vaccines is woefully incomplete and inaccurate. Now I **think** and believe that a starting point is that all should be free to make decisions about receipt of this product with total freedom. No one is obliged to take risks for someone else's benefit - or if this risk is taken it must be entirely voluntary, and use of vaccines is.not.voluntary.

If vaccines are as "safe and effective" as we are told by our overlords that they are then people will (individually) **demand** their use of their own free will - no need for mandates, coercion, manipulation, or fear based decision-making. If vaccines are as awesome as their advocates insist they are there would be no need for a law shielding anyone associated with vaccines from liability. If vaccines were "safe and effective" there would be no need to link their receipt with participation in school or work as people would willingly and voluntarily roll up their sleeves to get them and would willingly fork over their hard-earned dollars to pay for them. 

We are designed to live in freedom - and that is why the free market has brought more prosperity to more people than any other economic model every tried. Like anything else in this sin-sick world it is not perfect (because the people using it are not perfect) - but it is less imperfect than the other models that have been put into use (like Socialism or Communism or a mixture of all three of them together). Because a free market follows or mirrors how we are designed it works better than the other models that are more tightly controlled from the top down. The free market works from the bottom up - individual people make economic choices (including in health care) and good products/services grow from demand. If vaccines were wonderful this would be true for them as well. But the current "demand" for vaccination is nearly completely artificial. It is construed by force, coercion, and manipulation. 

I think it could also be argued that vaccines go against our design physiologically - but that is for a different post. 

The "hive mind" needs to rise up and speak with one voice about the many very valid questions surrounding vaccination. Perhaps then we may regain a greater degree of freedom regarding this medical intervention - and perhaps, hopefully, this will spill over into other areas as well. Ultimately, though, freedom comes through, and because of, Jesus Christ for it is He Who designed us to live in freedom.   

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