Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #3

So tonight's episode will be further exploring MMR and DTaP and also the concept of vaccinating for "the greater good". 

MMR (or ProQuad - a 4-valent vaccine that includes chicken pox)
The ingredients of both are listed - including the fact that this live virus vaccine contains DNA from an aborted baby (this is also true for several other vaccines). 

Many outbreaks of Mumps in fully vaccinated populations. 

Merck whistleblower lawsuit - 2 scientist who work for Merck allege the tests "proving" efficacy of the mumps portion of the MMR were spiked to achieve the desired result.

Between 2-10% of people are non-responders to vaccines (they at least get credit for trying and taking the vaccine). 

Timing of when vaccines were introduced in relation to when epidemics began to fade and other reasons for why the epidemics diminshed. 

The use of fear to manipulate people into vaccinating by framing diseases for which there is a vaccine as a "deadly" disease. 

Benefits of contracting the disease that cannot be obtained by a vaccine. 

Dr. Wakefield is interviewed - always worth listening to! 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed and describes a part of the process of how new information is discovered in medicine - case studies. This is what Dr. Wakefield did - he listened to his patient (their parents) and followed where that lead. Dr. Thomas describes the same process as well. He briefly describes the controversy around Dr. William Thompson and the 2004 Pediatrics study that was gerry-rigged to scrub any link between autism and MMR vaccine. 

Ty Bollinger accurately describes the findings of Dr. Wakefield's (retracted) study and his motivations - which were NOT "anti-vaccine". He posed a question. That is all. 

There is a good discussion of the use of fear to manipulate people and how this discourages discussion and discovery of new true, accurate knowledge. It also is used to eliminate freedom and liberty. 

 86% of those who contracted measles in the Disneyland outbreak were up to date on their MMR vaccination. 

Discussion of spread of vaccine strain diseases. 


Hx of DTP (one of the first versions of what is now the DTaP). 

Interview of Michael Hugo - lawyer involved in suing over DTP injuries discusses how data was sanitized to protect the vaccine. He reports numerous instances of deceit on the part of the manufacturer. He goes on to describe how they did actuarial analysis to determine what the price of the vaccine should be in order to continue to make a profit. 

Ty then asks the viewer what do we think about this? I think he is implying that it is somehow wrong that the company does this. I don't think it is wrong - I think it is rational. This is the free market at work. This is what happened prior to the VICP being established, before the 1986 law that provided total immunity from liability for anyone involved in vaccines. 

This is the way it is supposed to work - the product stays on the market, those who believe they derive greater benefit than risk from its use are willing to pay the higher price. Obviously, this only works properly if there is a free market - in other words, no mandates. 

Reviewed the Wyeth Tennessee incident - the strategy to distribute small amounts of a batch of vaccine to decrease the odds of having a cluster of bad outcomes in one area that would make it easier to spot associations of adverse reactions (especially very serious ones like death) with a vaccine. 

Dr Paul Thomas points out that the risk of an infant dying from pertussis is literally 1 in 1 million (about 4 million births in the US per year, 5-10 deaths from pertussis per year, mostly in infants <3 months of age). Yet we refuse to consider the risk of vaccinating - it comes at the cost of injecting a known neurotoxin (aluminum) into pregnant women and infants. 

Neil Miller discusses how those vaccinated for pertussis can be carriers of the disease and that the widespread use of the vaccine has caused a shift in the type of bacteria so that the vaccine is not as effective. 

Dr Suzanne Humphries discusses research (on poor, minority populations) where tetanus vaccines were laced with Hcg in order to cause abortions and/or sterility as a form of birth control. 

Barbara Loe Fischer discusses the 1905 Jacobson Supreme Court decision allowing forced vaccination against Smallpox. The tyranny of the majority - the minority considered expendable for others (utilitarianism). It paved the way for 1927 Buck v Bell - legalized involuntary sterilization/eugenics laws. This mindset (permitting forced vaccination) says that one child is expendable for another.

2005 UNESCO agreement upholds the right to prior informed consent and voluntary, not compelled receipt of medical intervention, including vaccination. 

Sayer Ji points out that if we do not have a choice over what goes into our bodies we are chattel - we are owned by those who wield the power to inject us with what they decide is best for us or others. 

 Have you been watching? What do you think? 

Thank you for reading! 


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