Monday, April 17, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #6

Tonight's topics include the chickenpox vaccine, the CDC, rotavirus vaccine and retroviruses in vaccines. 

Dr. Larry Palevsky starts with a description of the scientific method. 
  1) Posing a question
  2) Investigate 
  3) Evaluate the data 
  4) Answer the question (called the "null hypothesis)

He points out that science has become highly politicized - there are dogmas and orthodoxies (as described by Robert Kennedy) that must not be challenged. This is not the scientific method! 

Ty describes whistleblowers and interviews Dr. David Lewis (please read his book, Science for Sale!) - he touches on the issue of vaccine safety in his book and basically exonerates Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Dr. Lewis is seen later describing this.

The CDC 
Dr. Paul Thomas describes how he lost faith in the CDC in 2001 when it began recommending Hep B at birth. He also states there is data about the Hep B vaccine that shows those who are vaccinated at birth do not retain risk reduction by the time they are sexually active (only 24% do) - all risk/no reward. Not even a little rational. 

Dr. Brian Hooker describes the revolving door between the CDC and various vaccine industry companies - it is an incestuous relationship, driven by money. The technical term for this is conflict of interest. 

Neil Miller calls for an independent commission for vaccine safety because of the CDC's conflict of interest. 

Dr. Paul Thomas states the CDC's mission is promotion/marketing of pharmaceutical products/vaccines, not the nation's health. 

Robert F. Kennedy describes agency capture by the agencies they are supposed to be regulating. The CDC holds patents on vaccines and sells vaccines - they are the fox guarding the hen house. Ty describes them as a risk management group that influences public opinion - very accurate. 

Dr. Toni Bark describes how those who serve on vaccine related committees get a waiver in regards to conflict of interest issues. How convenient. 

Ty further describes "regulatory capture" - when special interests co-opt policy-makers or political bodies, regulatory agencies in particular, to further their own ends. This extends to far more than the CDC! RFK describes them as "sock puppets". 

Chickenpox vaccine

G. Edward Griffin discusses Gary Goldman PhD's research (he used to work at the CDC) regarding the chickenpox vaccine. He found it decreased incidence of varicella (chickenpox) but increases shingles. The CDC did not allow him to publish this information, this data. He had to sue them to be able to publish these facts. No, science is not the pure pursuit of the truth! Shingles is more serious than chickenpox. 

Dr. Paul Thomas is interviewed about the chickenpox vaccine. He discusses the epidemic of zoster (shingles). He describes one element of "herd" or "community" immunity - that when children get an infection, adults being exposed to them get a "booster". This helps tamp down incidence of infection for both young and old.

Ty describes the kind of tissues used to grow vaccines - both animal and human.
Brief discussion of the use of cells from aborted babies in vaccines. 

More on the CDC

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Brian Hooker PhD describe what Dr. William Thompson (#CDCwhistleblower) disclosed about the study that was spiked to provide the "correct" result. They cooked the books. (The DeStephano study). This is post-normal science. 
Agenda driven science. His co-authors committed federal crimes in literally dumping the data - they threw away data that did not show what they wanted. Dr. William Thompson kept his copies. They knew about the data showing a link between vaccines (especially MMR) as of Nov 2001. Since this point in time >100,000 black males have been diagnosed with autism. How many might have been spared this fate if they had acted on the true data?! 

Dr. Brian Hooker is interviewed and describes his experiences regarding Dr. Thompson. 
It seems gerry-rigging data on vaccines is a habit of the CDC. The technical term for this is fraud.

Dr. Paul Thomas discusses the DeStephano study (2004). 

Minister Tony Muhammad is interviewed. 

Allison Folmar, JD (civil rights attorney) is interviewed. (I saw her speak a few years ago. She's awesome!)

Del Bigtree is interviewed about how he got involved. 

The series suffers from bad editing - topics are jumbled together instead of being presented separately. They started the chickenpox topic but then put in more about issues with the CDC! 

Ty revisits the question posed in the first episode - are we getting informed consent about vaccines. If not, we are in violation of the Nuremberg Code. (I think we are not signatories to it, so it has no legal power in the US). 

Edda West (founder of Vaccine Choice Canada) is interviewed. 

Dr. Brian Hooker alleges that in 1991 Merck knew about the negative impact of the expanding vaccine schedule yet did nothing - no need to thanks to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. 

Robert F. Kennedy describes the influence of pharmaceutical companies as a lobby (compared to other large multi-national industries). He also details how Dr. Offitt grew rich, very rich, from his conflict of interests. 

Margulis discusses Offitt and his vaccine. 

Dr. Paul Thomas also discusses rotavirus and the vaccine. 

Both conclude this is not a necessary vaccine, especially in this country. 

Discussion of contaminants of animal viruses (from pigs) in rotavirus vaccines. 

Sayer Ji discusses Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively's book "The Plague" - another good read! 

Margulis theorizes that the use of rotavirus vaccine has allowed norovirus (a more virulent GI virus) to become more prevalent and virulent. 

Retroviruses in vaccines
Judy Mikovits, PhD is interviewed about her work in retroviruses. 

Del Bigtree points out that saying, "The science is settled" is the most unscientific statement one could make. Science is never settled. 

Dr. Paul Thomas discusses how we keep adding vaccines but the safety of doing this is unknown. He validates the concerns of parents (and others) who question this. 

Jennifer Margulis, PhD points out that our children are not healthy - more vaccines has not led to greater health. I have thoroughly enjoyed her segments - hers is one of many voices of reason I have heard throughout the series. 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield defends himself. I think he is a modern-day Semmelweiss. 

Tomorrow will discuss alternatives to vaccines and medical freedom of choice. 

Thank you for reading.


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