Saturday, April 01, 2017

Testimonials of vaccine injury

There are still many who deny the reality of "The holocaust" - a satanic event that occurred in World War II led by Hitler in an attempt to wipe out (primarily) Jews (but also few other demographics). The Shoah Foundation is located at USC and has a Visual History project documenting the lives and experiences of those who survived the death camps. (This project has been expanding to document other instances of attempts at genocide). 

The team behind the documentary Vaxxed has been touring the country by bus since the movie was released in early 2016. One of the things Polly Tommey has been doing is filming interviews/testimonials of vaccine injury. They are creating an archive of vaccine injury - of health events that are by and large denied by nearly the entire mainstream medical community. 

After their testimony is recorded most also sign the Vaxxed bus. There are **thousands** of names on this bus. This are just those that have chosen to be interviewed - I have little doubt they represent many more who have not chosen to be interviewed or who cannot be interviewed because the Vaxxed team has not made it to their location. They'll need to figure out how to record names once there is no more room (and it won't be long before that happens). Here is the link to follow them on Periscope

Please understand that most of these testimonies are contemporary - many are recorded with the affected children by their side. These are not people bemoaning past history and none that I have listened to are whiners. Many are coping with devastating health issues in either themselves or their children. Every now and again there are healthcare professionals who screw up the courage to publically say what must not every be said or you will pay dearly - that vaccines are not safe and have serious and significant side effects. That at the least people should be free to decline vaccination without repercussion and that vaccines should not be mandated. 

I admire Polly's (and the entire team's) emotional fortitude. It can't be easy to listen to this time and again. God bless them for all that they are doing!  

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