Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines, Episode #1

The Truth About Vaccines is a documentary series on the web - 7 nights, new content each night, beginning tonight. Click here to register to get the link for each episode sent to you (not an affiliate link)

You will hear from many people - doctors (varying specialties), parents (who believed in vaccines yet had devastating consequences from vaccines), lawyers - who provide information about this issue. 

You'll hear experts testifying that vaccine-insiders, true believers who advocate for vaccination refuse to follow the vaccine schedule they state others should follow - and they refuse to follow this schedule because of the science they have read - regardless of the fact that they think others should follow this schedule. They just don't want their loved ones to be damaged - yet are willing to live with the fact that (according to the science they know) many others will be damaged due to following their advice. 

You'll hear many people asking the very relevant question "Why?" - why did my child change radically after vaccination. Why is the rate of autism skyrocketing? Why does everyone associated with vaccines have no liability except for the families left coping with the damaged children. 

There is far more to vaccines than "safe and effective" - this is where you can get further information so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to accept vaccination or not. 

You'll hear Dr. Andrew Wakefield make the incredibly important point that "effective" does not necessarily mean "safe" - and that if you are setting policy for children/people who are healthy to begin with the bar for safety should be set very high - for if it is not you could ultimately be giving them a medical intervention that could destroy the good health they currently have. Not an acceptable risk/benefit trade off! 

You'll see the entry in the Federal Register mandating that information questioning vaccines must not be permitted lest it damage the vaccine program (my paraphrase - I'm typing as I listen!)

You'll learn the history of vaccination, and the theory of it. 

Interestingly enough, the theory of vaccination sounds reasonable - small exposure to a disease to simulate the immune system. It sounds rather similar to the theory of homeopathy! But theories are meant to be tested to determine if they are true. 

Who is doing the testing? Are they biased or do they have conflicts of interest? 

You'll hear about Leichester, England - and how they responded to a Smallpox epidemic and forced vaccination ... really interesting and important! The impact of vaccination upon the eradication of disease is not what we have been told - we have been given incomplete information - also known as a narrative. 

At 1hr 39min - I so appreciate Del Bigtree - he "gets it" ... watch and you'll hear why I wrote that! 

You'll hear from several doctors who were "made to care" for asking questions and not marching in lockstep to the CDC vaccination schedule. 

Dr. Toni Bark touches on the concept of cognitive dissonance toward the end.

Robert Kennedy quoting Malcom X - "The greatest power of the press is the power to ignore." Profound truth - MSM has ignored the #CDCwhistleblower, CDC and FDA agency capture, conflict of interest, and more ... 

I knew it would not be "pro-vaccine" ... it was far less "anti-vaccine" than I expected. Every person asked reasonable questions and had valid points. The extreme position is the one that insists there is nothing to discuss - that the "science is settled". 

Episode #2 will cover what is in a vaccine, do vaccines work, and what about polio?

Good stuff - please check it out ... scroll up to the top for the link to sign up! 

Did you watch? What did you think?

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