Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines - Docu Series

It has long been my habit to cast a wide net in the search for truth and then evaluate what is caught - keeping what measures up and tossing the rest. This mindset is what led me to question both the safety (primarily) and efficacy (secondarily) of vaccines. I used to accept vaccination because I had been taught they are "safe and effective" - and I trusted the authorities who were teaching this. I gave them the benefit of the doubt (both the teaching authorities and the subject of vaccines). No longer. At best I know think vaccines may have efficacy (thought I am not convinced we really know what their true efficacy actually is) but I am increasingly skeptical of their safety regardless of any efficacy they may have. 

The Truth About Vaccines is an on-line docu-series that will be starting on April 12th.  It is free to watch (though I am sure they will be selling packages of the talks at some point). I hope to watch, though I have found with these types of things there is far more content than I can watch while it is available for free (no doubt this is a technique to increase sales - I can hardly blame them, this is a somewhat free market ... an economic model which I support). 

Here is an affiliate link you can use to sign up to watch (if enough people use this to sign up I will receive a bennie - and you can certainly use a search engine to get to the sign up page if you do not want to use an affiliate link): 

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