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Ronald Reagan once quipped (in regards to the then Soviet Union and nuclear weapons) that we should "Trust but verify" - it is increasingly apparent this should also be how we approach medical research (and much else besides). 

In the Bible the Apostle Paul commended the Bereans for receiving his teaching and also fact-checking what he said against the Scriptures (see Acts 17:11). 

The purpose of this page is not to assert that all research (vaccine or otherwise) is wrong or without merit or fraudulent - just that we must be willing to critically review truth claims. I am fond of casting a wide net in the search for truth - but we must inspect what is caught and reject what is false, keeping what is true. 

When people puff out their chests and arrogantly assert vaccines are the best and vaccine research is unassailable, point them here. 

What is so pitiable about this situation is that we are certainly capable of doing reliable research - but we refuse to do so because this steps on too many pre-conceived notions and agenda$. 

April 24, 2016: 
From the writers of Retraction Watch blog (lovers of vaccines): 

This website is about a jerry-rigged study to justify a dangerous med and the effort 
to find the truth about it: 

A general article in the popular press/conservative magazine regarding problems in 

A blog (this one is more specific to vaccines - please see the post titled "The Problems with So-Called 'Consensus' on Vaccine Safety", April 16, 2016); 

A history of peer review: 

From 2014 - an article in the Atlantic discussing a variety of books about the crisis in medicine, written from the physician's perspective - recounts experiences of patients, and physicians that are applicable to the use of, and adverse effects from, vaccines (though they are never mentioned in the article):

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