Saturday, February 27, 2016

The "wisdom" of a fool ...

I used to give Bill Gates the benefit of the doubt in regards to his statements about vaccines and reducing population growth - no longer.  

I used to believe what he implied - that when children don't die because they get vaccinated then couples will have fewer children. Though I think that logic is pretty flimsy because I don't think that is what drives family size regardless of what Bill Gates thinks. 

What I find so bizarre about this is his decision to back expensive high-tech healthcare (like vaccines) rather than invest his billions in providing clean water and cheap energy to the poor - as these drive health outcomes far better (in my opinion) than vaccines. If you're going to die from drinking unsanitary water a measles vaccine isn't going to help you. It does not make sense to start at the top of the pyramid of complex interventions - first you need to build the foundation with the basics. 

Cheap energy means people don't need to cook over an open fire fueled by dung - breathing the smoke is a driver of respiratory illness. Cheap energy also means people have access to refrigeration so food does not spoil. 

Besides - many of the expensive high tech vaccines require a cold-chain in order to be effective. This increases their complexity in delivery to places of the world where doing so is logistically challenging - another reason to start with the basics of clean water and cheap energy. 

Part of what is so strange is that BG believes (or at least publically says he believes) in the theory of global warming/climate change being driven by CO2 - hence his desire to reduce world population, 'cause people do nasty things like breathe! How this doesn't apply to him I'll never understand - just to all those poor brown peeps. Go figure. Oddly enough, The Gates Foundation Trust invests in energy companies like BP. 

But these high tech vaccines and the cold chain they require also need energy - to produce them and to keep them cold. The same energy that also creates CO2 that he says needs to be reduced to zero. The planes he and his family jet around in likewise produce loads of CO2, but nevermind - the rules for the rich and elite are quite different.  

With mandatory vaccination a favorite strategy of vaccine proponents (you know, an idea so good people will only "agree" to it by force) one can only speculate what population controllers might try in an effort to impose controls over who does or does not make a baby. 

There have already been worries that some ingredients in vaccines might cause infertility (especially Gardasil - there have been reports of premature ovarian failure following the administration of this vaccine). 

There have been multiple vaccine-related scandals where concerns were raised that the vaccine may have also contained beta-HCG, a hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. One of the consistent patterns is that these allegations always involved population groups that were poor and people of color and where consent was non-existent. 

The theory of using a vaccine against beta-Hcg (the beta sub-unit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) as a means of "birth control" has been around since the early 1990's. 

So I can only speculate that perhaps BG would be willing to vaccinate people against giving birth. You see, a vaccine against beta-Hcg would not stop a woman from getting conceiving, but it would interfere with implantation or the continuation of life for a newly conceived person - and as even Horton the Who knows "a person is a person no matter how small". Horton is smarter, and wiser, than Bill Gates. 

Since we do not have a long-term study comparing health outcomes (death being a "health outcome" believe it or not!) between vaccinated vs unvaccinated we really do not know if vaccines are truly safe. We do know that conventional medical care, even inadvertently, contributes to the death of those who seek medical help - and vaccines are a cornerstone of conventional medicine, though they consistently get a free pass in regards to any question of involvement in bad outcomes. Yet there is reason to question their safety - it is just that this evidence is simply ignored because it does not fit the approved paradigm.  

Smart isn't always wise. Sometimes "smart" people are arrogant - pretending to be wise, yet they are fools (1 Corinthians 1:25 & 1 Corinthians 3:19-20). We all deserve to be free of being controlled by arrogant overlords - we deserve the freedom to determine what medical interventions, including vaccines, we will or will not take. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

12 links - click and learn

While I aim to provide brief snips of original content there is also no need to reinvent the wheel. Below are links to a 12 part series much of which contains a reasonable summary of some of the issues involved in vaccination and why so many think and believe that there should be far greater freedom in regards to acceptance/declination of this medical procedure (among others). 

The links to every part of the series is available at the end of each post (a considerate touch on the part of the creator) I am including all of them here as the primary topic of each article is in the link - you can read one or all and jump around if you want to.