Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back-Alley Vaccines (Vaccines and Abortion, Part 7)

One of the justifications for keeping abortion legal is that doing so makes it safe(r) - at least for women (as the purpose of abortion is to end the unborn baby's life). After all, if abortion were not legal women would resort to coat-hangers in desperate attempts to rid themselves of their unborn children. 

While some women did do this sort of thing prior to the "legalization" of abortion through judicial diktat we can only speculate about how many actually did - or about how many would do such a thing if abortion were ever again made illegal. We do not know how many women were hurt from "back alley butchers" prior to the legalization of abortion - and, in fact, those who advocated for the legalization fo abortion made up numbers (they lied) in order to persuade law-makers and others about the "need" for legalization. 

Even though abortion was illegal, doctors committed abortion - they were just quiet about it. 
Any competent OB/GYN can do a 1rst trimester abortion - this is just a D&C on a baby that is still alive and would remain so if he/she was left undisturbed. These abortions took place in doctors offices and hospitals - places that were clean and where the care was competant - in other words, not the "back-alley". 

Fast forward to today, where Gosnell is not an anomalie. Those who love abortion do not want any accountability - a situation where Gosnells flourish. The only way anyone would know about this sort of thing is because someone looks. One would think that with all their concern for "women's health" the pro-aborts would be all over every abortionist to hold them to high standards - alas this is not the case. It is the pro-lifers who are alerting us to problems as they stand outside of clinics and watch the ambulances come to scoop up the dead, dying, or damaged women. And since there are not pro-lifers outside of every clinic it would be safe to say the count is under-reported (kind of like vaccine adverse reactions). 

There is no compulsion to report abortion complications, and what abortionist would admit their procedure hurt someone (well, other than the baby)? Why, that would be bad for business! 

Yet we really do not know that legal abortion is safer than the "illegal" abortions that were happening prior to Roe v Wade. 

While there is, in theory, a "compulsion" to report vaccine adverse events or injuries, the reality is that reporting such things is voluntary, and widely believed to be very under-reported (like complications of abortions). 

While you would expect those who are pro-vaccine to be all about making vaccines safer, the fact of the matter is that there is virtually no incentive to do so since the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which created total immunity against any adverse effects from vaccines for anyone associated with them - companies, healthcare providers, etc. So they are about as pro-vaccine safety as abortionists are pro-women's (and unborn persons) health. Since there is no accountability for either group there is no incentive for safety. 

Women (and our unborn babies) deserve better than abortion. 

All of us deserve better than vaccine mandates. 

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