Monday, May 12, 2014

Abortion and vaccines (Part 4)

Why does "My body, my choice" apply only to abortion?

Vaccine proponents imply all people have an obligation to be vaccinated for the sake of
others. In other words, for the sake of others, you do not have a choice - and this is increasingly
enforced by law, either directly or indirectly.

Abortion is framed as being about personal autonomy for women, and about control of their bodies - so why is vaccination different? Why are we denied our personal autonomy in determining whether we will, or won't receive a vaccine (male or female). Why are our bodies violated with an invasive procedure when it is not wanted?

If we're obligated to receive a vaccine for others, where will the intrusion into personal decisions end? What other diktats will be issued, and required, "for the sake of the herd"?

Why is the baby only part of the "other" (for whom there is an obligation) when a woman
carries to term?
   Have an abortion - child is torn limb from limb ... pro-aborts call you a heroine.
   Carry to term - your a pariah if you don't get a flu shot, or you could be forced
                             to have a c-section (for the sake of the baby, of course).

Cognitive dissonance, all too present in both issues: abortion and vaccines.

We don't have the right to kill other people - and that is what abortion does (indeed
that is its purpose).
Our children should not pay with their lives because biology is what it is.
Once a child is conceived, "my body, my choice" no longer applies.
"My body, my choice" applies before a person (male or female) makes the
decision, the choice, to have sex. Yes, I know women are raped and do not
have a choice then ... however rape is not about sex, it is about power and
control (oh, I see a similarity there with vaccines and choice, among other
issues!) - regardless, in the unlikely event a child is conceived as a result of
rape, the child should not pay for their father's crime by being killed! Also,
most women who are pregnant as a result of rape and abort report the
abortion as being as traumatizing as the rape itself, whereas women who
are pregnant as a result of rape and choose to have the child report being
glad they did.

And once again, if you have an abortion history and are troubled by it and want
help, it's available - you can start at The Elliott Institute, among others. Feel free
to contact this blogger at aschnedl(at) - I'll be happy to provide you
with resources.

Illness happens with or without vaccines, and vaccines are available for those who want
them and believe the risk reduction is worth the trade off in possible harm.

"My body, my choice" absolutely should apply to vaccines.

Resources for post-abortive women:

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