Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abortion and vaccines (Part 1)

Abortion and vaccines (Part 1)

There are several connections between abortion and vaccines. Today's post will explore the irony of “choice” in both abortion and vaccines.

One of the justifications given for abortion is to provide/allow women to have
control over their bodies. In contrast there is very little choice in regards to vaccines – certainly for children, and increasingly for adults (of either sex).

What irony – adults can make the decision to end their unborn child's life (for the sake of greater personal autonomy), but are not able to make decisions regarding
vaccines (for either themselves or their [born] children). The ability to obtain an
exemption from vaccination varies. For the sake of greater autonomy vaccines should be “opt in”, no exemption necessary.

What irony – abortion is framed as being about personal choice for women, when in reality it is seldom about personal choice and autonomy. More than half of abortions (in the United States) are done under duress – in other words, those seeking them did not feel they had a choice! (#1)

Vaccination is not much different – parents vaccinate their children in order to get them into school or to maintain access to healthcare for their children (some pediatric practices will “fire” a patient who does not comply with vaccination or will refuse to accept them as patients … parents of newborns have been threatened with CPS involvement for declining vaccination or have been told they would not be allowed to take their child home), health care workers are coerced into vaccination in order to keep their jobs. (#2), (#3);

If vaccination is mandated for “the greater good” one can only wonder where this ends? What else might be justified for the sake of the “herd”? Will restrictions on diet/food be imposed “for the greater good”?

And are you a part of the “herd” (being managed) or one of its managers, making decisions to maintain the quality of the “herd”?

This writer is painfully aware of how abortion has hurt many women and is a tender and sensitive subject. My intent is not to open any wounds or cause any pain – as a midwife I've cared for many post-abortive women who told me how the decision was made for them.

If you have had an abortion and want/need healing it is available – you can click on this link for more information:




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