Friday, April 18, 2014

Abortion and vaccines (Part 3)

Vaccines used as abortifacients – for birth control (culling the herd)?!

Margaret Sander advocated for abortion and contraception as a way of culling the “herd” of those she deemed undesirable – the poor, minorities, and those with any form of disability.

Since the 1973 there have been efforts at creating vaccines that can be used as “birth control” … but they target beta-HCG, a sub-unit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that helps support and maintain pregnancy prior to development of the placenta – in other words, after conception of a new and unique human being.

During the 1990's allegations were made that a vaccine against b-HCG was tested in the Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua – on poor women of color, without their knowledge or consent.

Another target of vaccination as contraception was sperm … with the vaccine to be given to the **woman** of course! The developer of this contraceptive “option” was clear that it's primary target was LDC's (“less developed countries”, a more politically correct term for those Margaret Sanger and her ilk would like to see less of); Chinese researchers worked with Dr. Herr at the University of Virginia in his efforts to create this vaccine – and China's human rights abuses
in the area of “family planning” are well documented.

At a TED talk in ~2010 Bill Gates was quoted as saying vaccines, along with reproductive health care (abortion and birth control) and health care would be useful in reducing population/population growth – the quote was in the context of lower CO2 levels because 
there would be fewer people breathing and using energy. Many who question vaccines 
jumped on this and made the assumption that he wants to use vaccines to either reduce or prevent population growth. I think what he left unsaid (and meant to say) is that one reason parents want children is to support and care for them in their old age, and where infant
mortality is high, parents will have more children in the hopes that some will survive. 
Mr. Gates' statement in the TED talk was very truncated and did not convey his belief that vaccines will prevent infant deaths/increase child survival, and hence lead to people having fewer children because they are more confident their children will survive.

Rather than attempting to increase child survival with injections, a far simpler approach (and one that will help not just children, but everyone) is to make improvements in public health infrastructure – clean water, sanitation (isolating human waste from water sources), and wider availability of energy for refrigeration and cooking.

We are designed to live in freedom … regardless of our skin color/ethnicity, etc.
Economic development generally preceeds spontaneously falling birth rates, but
few seem as committed to helping “LDC's” develop their economies to achieve

It stems from a mind-set of viewing people as the problem rather than acknowledging that people (all of us, 100%) have a problem – called sin, and the solution to sin is the cross of Jesus Christ. But that would also require acknowledging The Creator of us all … Who gave us a mandate to fill the world, and care for it – but if you worship creation instead of The Creator, caring for the world means eliminating people. The ultimate vaccine against people is the 
mindset that people are the problem - this belief drives the motivation to continue creating 
all manner of ways to stop their birth. 

No one should be forced or coerced or manipulated into accepting a vaccine.
The use of coercion in birth control programs (and vaccination) is well documented and 
on-going, and targets the poor and people of color (well, at least abortion and birth 
control - vaccination is equal opportunity and targets us all).

Post-abortion resources for help/healing:

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