Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why exemptions?

The link below is to a parent's response to a physician's editorial encouraging the elimination of exemptions to vaccination - it has apparently gone "viral" (um, even more terrifying is the thought of government "vaccinating" us against free speech with net "neutrality", among other forms of censorship ... );

Her blog is a great summation of why vaccination is such a heated topic, and why I agree that exemptions are necessary and should remain available and easy to obtain. Actually, I think we should not need exemptions, but that vaccination should rather be "opt in" so to speak - in other words, available, and if you want them, get them. If you don't want them you should not be bullied or manipulated into obtaining them (ie: as a condition of employment, or of education, or to receive federal benefits that to which you are otherwise entitled, etc ... );

The only nit I have to pick is that I would extend this to adults as well, since they are targeted for vaccination too - all the more so. It's incredibly lucrative, and virtually risk free (well, except for the person receiving the vaccine!)


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