Monday, October 03, 2016

Evolutionists and Vaccines

In my estimation anyone who believes in evolution should be extremely laissez faire in regards to vaccination. Either way, it's all good! Let me explain: 

The theory of evolution posits that life arose spontaneously from the primordial soup after the "big bang" happened (conveniently giving no explanation for how the "Big Bang" occurred or from where the substances that blew might have come. But I digress - that's not the nit I pick on this blog). 

Part of the theory of evolution is that beneficial or advantageous genetic or physical mutations lead to improvements in survival allowing the fittest to evolve to higher forms and/or species. 

There's nothing about mandatory vaccines that should fit with an evolutionary world view. 
If you require vaccines to survive or "evolve" just how fit are you? Vaccines are a deliberate intervention but evolution is spontaneous - it just happens. The chemicals in the primordial soup did not "think" to assemble into proteins - it just happened! Besides, proteins can't think. 

If you believe in evolution you should be just fine with people not taking vaccines because those who are "less fit" will be wiped out by the scourge of disease leaving only the fittest to survive and carry on the species and involuntary process of evolution. 

If vaccines cause people problems it's all good because this too weeds out those who are not "fit" and don't deserve to live, let alone breed. So if vaccines result in immediate death or contribute to chronic illness that results in an (earlier) death - so much the better. "Evolution" at work!  

A feature that seems to be common to those who believe in evolution is great personal pride in their genotype and phenotype - they love to thump their chests and extoll the goodness of their "stock". No wonder they believe in the theory of herd immunity as well. 

For the record, I do not believe in evolution. I believe in a literal six-day (as in 24 hours/day) creation as described in the first three chapters of the word of God, the Bible. It is this same God who designed us to live in freedom - so much so that He allowed Adam and Eve to sin. But even this was not plan "B" - it did not catch Him by surprise.  The solution to our sin is the blood Jesus shed on the cross - and that is also foreshadowed in the same chapters that detail The Creator speaking this world into existence

It is because of sin that we have illness, disease, and death. The Creator also provided us with an immune system to protect our bodies and lives. Since our bodies were also affected by sin we die - sometimes our immune systems are overwhelmed and not able to overcome the disease. 

Our Creator also gave us brains to create vaccines. While they likely do provide some amount of risk reduction they are not risk free. 

Some would rather rely only upon the immune system The Lord provided, others want to use vaccines - either using all of them or vaccinating selectively. Disease can and does spread regardless of the use of vaccination (recent outbreaks of mumps and pertussis in highly vaccinated populations make this abundantly clear).  

Some would rather risk getting sick (generally once, generally temporarily, generally resulting in life-long immunity and possibly but seldom resulting in bad long-term consequences). Some would rather accept the risk of vaccination (a risk poorly delineated because it is poorly studied) in order to have the temporary risk reduction (a "benefit" that is just as poorly delineated because it is poorly studied) in getting sick. 

It seems to me there is room for both choices ... we are all in this together. Let's respect and tolerate one another even if we do not agree on the decisions we make. 

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