Saturday, October 08, 2016

Video, with commentary

This 3 minute vid splices together a few clips detailing some important issues

in vaccines: 




The first 25 seconds sketches out a conspiracy theory regarding 

corporate control - I am not going to comment on this as I have done

very little research about it, though I think it detracts from this video as

it is not clearly linked to the remaining content. 

00:25sec - 00:35sec: Brief review of the basic theory of vaccination. 

In a perfect world it would be this simple. In reality, it is not. The next

clip gives a glimpse of why. 

00:36sec - 01:21min: Dr Suzanne Humphries discusses a study that looked 

at what genes were affected (specifically upregulated) as a result

of DTaP vaccination. There is a 10 second clip that is part of this that is 

really quite important ... she states the obvious question (and critical)

question: We don't know WHY these genes are affected by vaccination, 

because it hasn't been studied. But we are still informed, no matter how 

little we may know about the effects of vaccination, that it is "safe and

effective". Sure. 

Here's a link to the study (PMID: 18336961) 

01:26 - 01:36: Sounds like an (unattributed) news report about deafness and

brain damage (might also be known as encephalitis which is code for autism

but perhaps calling it brain damage is not as scary?!) as a possible sequelae 

to the MMR vaccine. But of course, "it's so rare it's hard to tell if it is caused 

by the vaccine or something else" - whew, that's a relief! Huh? Seems like 

the smart people at the CDC could do a study that might tease that out?! 

Or perhaps the company that makes the vaccine - after all, they keep crowing

about how they want to make them as safe as possible! But when you have

no liability for the product there is not much incentive to do so. How convenient. 

 01:37 - 02:14: Rep Bill Posey (R-FL 8th District) speaking on the house floor about

the #CDCWhistleblower, Dr. Bill Thompson. He is reading Thompson's description

of an incident where CDC vaccine researchers gathered to dispose of data that

gave results they did not want. They were conducting post-normal science where

the outcome was pre-determined. They didn't bother "torturing the data until it

gave the desired result", they just eliminated it. Boom! Problem solved! The study

in question is a 2004 study that was to put to rest concerns about any link between

autism (oops, encephalitis, or brain damage) and vaccines, specifically the MMR

vaccine. Well, mission accomplished! 

02:17 - 03:13 (end) You hear audio of Dr. Bill Thompson confessing his involvement 

in the above referenced study to Dr. Brian Hooker (on a phone call that was taped 

without Dr. Thompson's knowledge). The audio is overlayed with heartrending 

footage of children seizing, or banging their heads or screaming in pain. Oddly

enough, none of them are black - this is important, because when the data was 

re-analyzed (um, not by CDC "researchers" but by Dr. Brian Hooker) it revealed 

that black boys were at significantly higher risk of autism when given the MMR

vaccine before 36 months. It isn't that other people groups were not at risk, just

that compared to one another it was apparent black males had an elevated risk. 

Do your own research - for your own health and/or the health of your minor children.

Do not vaccinate unless or until you are satisfied you have the information to make 

a decision. You can always vaccinate. You can never un-vaccinate. 

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