Saturday, October 15, 2016

Live Blog: #cdcTRUTH2016 Summit/Meryl Dorey

Ms. Dorey's talk is titled - Medical Tyranny: Vaccination Policy in Australia. It is a preview of what is coming in the USA. 

She was relieved to come here to discuss this as freedom of speech is not guaranteed by the Australian constitution. 

There is a vaccine registry. This will be used to track and punish anyone who does not comply with vaccination policy (cradle to grave). Vaccination may be linked to employment as well as drivers license among other issues. 

The vaccine adverse reaction registry does exist but it is not easily accessible nor transparent. 

Look up journalist Natasha Bita and her coverage of flu vaccine scandal. 

She shared info showing a rise in pertussis AFTER there was a significant increase in vaccination for pertussis (no doubt all the fault of unvac'd even though they had achieved "herd immunity") 

Bio-Security Act of 2015 - the recent CDC rule is no different. 

I like how she ended her remarks - while govt officials try to scare us that an epidemic is only a plane ride away, support for human rights is only an email or phone call or website away! 

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