Saturday, October 15, 2016

Live Blog: #cdcTRUTH2016 Summit/Dr. Brian Hooker

Dr. Hooker is the father of a vaccine injured son and captured Dr. Thompson's confession of fraud in the 2004 study that presumably refutes the "vaccines cause autism" issue. 
Like many, he was totally pro-vaccine, and like many, he has changed his views. 

NAS/IOM - client based scientists for hire. They do post-normal science where outcome is pre-determined. 

Over 100 papers linking vaccines and autism. 

He links vaccination and eugenics. 

He acknowledges he was not necessarily gracious in his initial dealings with Dr Thompson 
(2002?) who was assigned to handle him. (Remember, this is a daddy looking for answers for his hurt child). 

CDC - culture of fear and intimidation per Dr unnamed scientist was put on two year suspension, demoted etc for not towing the party line. 

Good news: recognition that vaccine injury is far more than autism is growing. 

Dr. Bill Thompson needs to man up! He does not need a subpoena!!

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