Sunday, September 11, 2016

Abortion and Vaccines, Part 6

Both pro-life and pro-health/medical freedom circles are quite concerned about a bill now before the California legislature (Assembly Bill 1671) as it is aimed at making undercover videos/recordings of healthcare providers illegal. 

Within the last two years undercover videos of Planned Parenthood physicians and audio recordings of confessions of post-normal science (tampering with study protocols in order to get the pre-determined desired result) conducted by the CDC have been released. 

Anyone concerned with truth should be worried about this. So many of our nation's elected officials promise transparency and fail to provide this. Part of what is so very bizarre about this is that our government spies on us quite regularly (Patriot Act/NSA, medical records, and educational records) among others). This legislation posits that it is acceptable for the government to collect data on us and about us while hampering out ability to uncover important information about what others are doing. 

The point of this post is not to advocate for recording individuals without their knowing about it. At best I am ambivalent about that. I would certainly want to know if I were being recorded. Yet I am also grateful for the actions of individuals who have recorded testimony about evil and/or illegal/immoral/unethical actions - Planned Parenthood physicians discussing the sale of body parts of babies they dismembered and of Dr. Thompson confessing breach of study protocol in order to obtain "results" that conformed to an agenda around vaccines rather than the truth about efficacy or safety. It is unlikely these things would have come to light any other way. 

The point of this post is why would government not want accurate, factual information to come to light when such information is uncovering activies that are illegal/immoral/unethical? Private individuals were doing what government is **supposed** to be doing!! 

For an organization that is proud of slaughtering unborn human beings why would they object to recording information about what they are actually doing? Keep in mind that they are subsidized with public funds to the tune of more than $1 million/day. All the more reason to know what exactly they are up to. 

If vaccines are safe and effective why is there not more transparency about how the studies are conducted? Look up Simpsonwood. Look up Poul Thorson (you know, the vaccine researcher who is on the FBI's Most Wanted List for fraud). 

If vaccines are safe and effective why do vaccine researchers refuse to do DB RCTs of vaccines comparing (long-term ... over years) the health of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated? I can no longer be fooled by that tired old canard "it wouldn't be ethical" - what is truely unethical is not doing these types of studies as the information people are using to make health and medical decisions is woefully incomplete and so their "consent" (scare quotes are necessary here since no consent is provided for a product that is mandatory) could not be called informed consent. 

Truth and transparency are the foundation upon which trust is built. Whatever foundation that existed for vaccines is eroding. And those who advocate for vaccines can only blame themselves. 

I used to believe what I was taught about vaccination. That was because I trusted those who were teaching me and believed the information was accurate, truthful. Now I know better and it grieves me. I do not want to be suspicious of the motives of those I should be able to trust - governing officials, medical professionals, and academic researchers.  

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