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Part of my reason for starting this blog was to get information to new people, increase exposure of the issue of vaccine choice (well, or lack thereof) and why it is reasonable for people/parents to have a choice - because there is reason to question both safety and efficacy of vaccines, therefore, people should be able to decide what risk/how much risk they are willing to accept in exchange for whatever level of benefit they believe they'll derive from this particular medical procedure.

So today I'm posting links to various articles. I'm including them even if they are repeating/re-posting/re-publishing of older stories (check the dates, and/or follow the links) as the information/concepts will hopefully, be new to some of you ...

#1) http://www.safeminds.org/blog/2014/01/23/new-disclosures-vaccine-safety-datalink-vsd/
Comment: It's too bad this is not getting much press beyond those who are into vaccine
choice/safety issues, as it speaks to why we are questioning vaccine safety in the first place - and the government agency that promotes vaccines as safe and effective has once again, demonstrated that they are not worthy of our trust ... what else are they hiding?

#2) http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1311738?query=featured_home#t=abstract
Comment: why did they look for intussusception for only 7 days following vaccination? How often does this happen in infants/children who do not receive the vaccine and at what ages?
Is this a vaccine looking for a problem ... and are the more simple, less risk, and less costly solutions (like breastfeeding)?

#3) http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/lawrence-solomon/canada-vaccinations_b_4593168.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
Comment: the last line of this one is so very relevant - do not breathe a sigh of relief that you don't work in healthcare! I've long maintained that mandatory flu vaccination of HCW's was simply a test case - it didn't matter if/whether it worked (it's really about $$), but since this is working, it will be expanded to ever increasing groups of people - regardless of whether they want it or not, regardless of efficacy, regardless of safety - the vaccine industrial complex must be supported, to many people are "benefiting" from it ... crony capitalism at it's best ... not to be confused with the free market!!
Here's a short list of who benefits from the VIC:
Congressmen (both representatives and senators) - $$ from pharmaceutical lobbyists
Physicians selling vaccines
Members of the CDC's ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices)
Pharmaceutical companies
Bill Gates (well, okay, I don't know for sure if he is invested in companies that make and
   market vaccines that his charity pushes ... but I would not be shocked if he did)

#4) http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/14/flu-shot-pregnancy.aspx?e_cid=20140114Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20140114Z1&et_cid=DM37733&et_rid=398531178
Comment: The long-term safety of vaccination is poorly delineated/understood (in my opinion), and it makes little sense to give vaccines to pregnant women until we have a much better understanding of the short and long term consequences of injecting the various ingredients in vaccines into our bodies, let along into someone who is pregnant - exposing still developing human beings to these substances as well.

#5) http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/818124?nlid=45607_905&src=wnl_edit_medp_obgy&uac=63843DX&spon=16
Comment: The assertions of this article really take some chuztpah - there is no way to know if these assertions are correct, and there is plenty of reason to doubt them - if this were true the CDC's "estimates" of those who die from flu should be far lower as there has been increasing rates of vaccination against flu - and yet year after year (regardless of how many people are vaccinate, or what age groups), the number of people who succumb to the flu shows little variation, and does not go down. They "modeled" to get the numbers, they "extrapolated" to get the numbers, and then finally they "estimated" ... and then they estimated based on their estimates! In other words, massaged and tortured whatever data they used until it gave them the desired result.
This is outrageous, especially when the Cochrane Database has estimated that you may need to vaccinate anywhere from 33 to 100 people in order to prevent even 1 case of the flu (Jefferson T, Di Pietrantonj C, Rivetti A, Bawazeer GA, Al-Ansary LA, Ferroni E. Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults. Cochrane Database Syst Rev

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