Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's not just about mercury ...

While much concern has been raised about mercury (and rightfully so), mercury is just one of many ingredients in vaccines that may be problematic. We have hardly scratched the surface in our understanding of the immune system and how it works, and more importantly, how these products (vaccines and their various ingredients) interact with the immune system. One problem with the post/article is that it is not dated (though the date it was published is embedded in the hyperlink/address bar - it's just not clear to me if this is an original article or if it's re-published ... though there are links to refs at the end).

The next two links go to a pages with many other links and information ... quotes from individuals tasked with discerning if there is a link between thimerasol and autism - primarily from the Simpsonwood meeting where the quotes support concern about a link between mercury/thimerasol exposure and autism while the official party line has always been "move along, nothing to see here ... "; While exposure to mercury as a child may have more obvious detrimental effects (and they may show up faster), it begs the question that this is not safe at any age - it leads me to wonder if the adverse effects also show up in adults who are exposed via vaccines, but it may take longer or be more subtle than in children.

Third link goes to a blog reviewing various quotes/court cases/data about the link between
the MMR vaccine and autism ... basically asserting that the link between autism and MMR vaccine has been acknowledged/implied but no one is accepting responsibility for this.

Final link goes to a page with a list of studies refuting the claim that there is no connection between vaccination and autism ...

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