Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Association not causation?

There are too many to count anecdotal/personal reports linking vaccination with various particular bad/undesired outcomes ... the link below is one parents story (#1).

While association is not the same as causation, bunches/clusters of anecdotal reports begs the question - is there something here that we need to look at?

Because we have hardly scratched the surface of what we know, this procedure (vaccination) should be free of compulsion.

The history of medicine is replete with documentation of harm - done either deliberately (like the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment) or inadvertently due to bad science (discovered after the fact);


There is good reason to question the veracity of many studies used to justify many

Here's a link to the Cochrane Review about Tamiflu (embedded in The Atlantic aricle):

There is a need for FAR greater transparency on the part of companies making vaccines (well, for most other drugs as well ... see Tamiflu link above). They need to make their data and clinical trials available to independent scientists for review and vetting with less risk of bias.

There is a need for more, and better, studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

There is a need for more, and better, safety studies (and in particular, long term safety studies) for all vaccines ... and any placebos need to be true placebos (ie: like normal saline), rather than comparing a vaccine to a vaccine, or using the diluent or excipient minus the antigen as a placebo. The diluents/excipients are not normal saline ... they also contain adjuvents and other chemicals that are biologically active as well - they are not even a little bit inert!

There is a need to study the safety of the adjuvants and preservatives as well.

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