Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Contaminants continued ...

In response to my comment of a previous post on FB (see previous blog post), someone else posted several other links related to contaminants in vaccines:


The urgent demand for vaccines against emerging diseases has necessitated the use of novel cell substrates.

What urgent demand? Since the market for vaccines (ie: the "demand" for the product) is tightly controlled by the federal government there is no way to know how much demand there actually might be - the way to do that is to end all mandates and end the liability shield for those who provided/administer vaccines and their manufacturers ... and see how many people purchase the product on the free/open market. THAT's how you determine demand for a product!

But the presence of undesired extra's in vaccines is openly acknowledged, along with the fact that this is a safety concern (remember, vaccines are "safe and effective")!
Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) is a recently discovered human retrovirus that has been found in both chronic fatigue syndrome and prostate cancer patients. Although these findings need further confirmation, there is a potential safety concern regarding XMRV in cell substrates used in vaccines and in transmission by blood transfusion and blood products. We are developing sensitive detection assays for XMRV to evaluate cell substrates and investigate virus transmission by blood transfusion in a monkey model.
We don't know what we don't know ... the fact that XMRV has been found in those with CFS and prostate cancer is an interesting association, but not necessarily causation - far more concerning is the possibility of horizontal transfusion (ie: via blood transfusion, or via sex, or perhaps even by more casual methods, who knows?) - but it's the unvaccinated (however few of them there are) who are clobbered as being the problem. Go figure.

Let people decide risk/benefit ratio for themselves (with their chosen healthcare provider).
When will we know just how much damage has been done all in the name of "the greater good"? (Happens to be a catchy name for a movie, too!)

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