Sunday, January 05, 2014

Flu vac - paradoxical results

Link #1 goes to a 2011 news report about a study that insinuates vaccination may alter the immune systems ability to fight off infection, link #2 is the study itself (well, I think it is, but the MSM press report did not include a link to the study unfortunately). It's unknown if children with
cystic fibrosis are different in some way which made them respond as they did, but the response is somewhat counterintuitive to what's desired, especially in children with CF who would definitely be more vulnerable to upper respiratory infections.

Link #3 takes you to an article that reviews prior experience with flu vaccination that reports similar results as described in the paragraph above - that receipt of flu vaccine may very well have made people more vulnerable to illness, not less.

Lastly, there were reports of increased risk of narcolepsy associated with the H1N1 vaccine in 2009 ... link #4 goes to an article discussing why that may be the case - "molecular mimicry" where the antigen that's targeted by the vaccine is sufficiently similar to a component of healthy tissue that the antibody attacks the body's tissue; It's not just this vaccine in which this is a problem (#5);

There seems to be some kind of magical thinking in regards to vaccines ... and yet there is reason to doubt that there's much risk reduction to be derived from them.






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