Friday, January 03, 2014

Health freedom - autonomy

Because there is conflicting research regarding vaccines (pro and con) I think the decision to vaccinate (or not) should be voluntary - the link below (#1) is a re-blog/re-post of an article and it makes the case against coercive vaccination policies not from a clinical standpoint, but from a personal freedom/autonomy standpoint. Interestingly enough, the writer of this piece confesses that he is pro-vaccination and wishes all would get vaccinated!

The second link is from 1997 - testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher before the National Vaccine Advisory Committee in which she raises important points that are still relevant - about informed consent and ethics and the Nuremburg Code, among others ...

The third link is to a post from a cardiologist who argues for greater freedom in vaccine decision making ... I don't agree with all of his points, especially how he ends his piece, but he makes relevant points throughout - and he is likewise, overall pro-vaccine in spite of his case that there could be far more freedom in a person's decision to accept, or decline vaccines.





  1. These are treasure for vaccines and very helpful. And as the development of our drug service. I think scientists will find out more about the healthy researches such as vaccines.

    1. I don't entirely understand your comment but thank you for reading!


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