Saturday, January 04, 2014

Please sign petition

The primary theme of this blog is freedom to accept/choose or decline vaccination ... one of the groups to which I belong and follow is Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. They have started a petition on requesting Congress to take action to stop mandatory vaccination of healthcare personnel.

The info blurb you see when you first open the page to sign the petition could be stronger, and I think some of the formatting could be better - but I may also be picking at nits ... please don't let this stop you from going to the website and signing if you also agree with this issue.

Unfortunately, because there is so much pharma lobby money lining the pockets of Congress I'm not sure how much effect this will have - they are as complicit in COI issues as many researchers and others who benefit from, and promote vaccines. But at least someone is taking some action - who knows where this may lead? 

Thanks for considering this, and thanks for reading this blog! 

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