Friday, January 10, 2014

Trust, or lack thereof ...

First link is to an article alleging data manipulation and scientific misconduct in regards to a Danish study about the link between Thimerosal and autism. They say they obtained the data with a Freedom of Information Act request, but no links provided to the data. Given the general uproar about the implication that autism is linked to Thimerosal if what's alleged is true this really is egregious on the CDC's part, as many don't have much trust in studies stating vaccines are "safe and effective" and this would only serve to further erode the public's trust.

The second link is to a blogger with multiple articles on vaccines and questions about safety and efficacy ...

Third link to an article about possible association of vaccine ingredients with kidney failure.

The fourth is to an article critical of the now recommended practice of giving DTP vaccine to all pregnant women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. "Herd" immunity didn't work, so now they are recommending "cocooning" (vaccinating close family members/concentric circles of relationships ... parents/siblings/g-parents, etc) to decrease risk of transmission of Pertussis.
Cocooning is herd immunity by a different name - if herd immunity isn't working as a strategy, then why double-down on it? Perhaps the problem is the vaccine?! Link #5 goes to a NY Times article reporting on a study in baboons that implies those recently vaccinated are actually reservoirs for infection! Another question that is left begging is why the need to keep re-vaccinating if the vaccine is effective?

The last link is to an article about a study linking receipt of multiple vaccines with increased morbidity - which also includes a passing reference to administration of Vit A with the vaccines (an implicit acknowledgement of the importance of nutrition, not necessarily vaccines, in mortality reduction).







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