Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Adventure Begins

A bit about me and why I started this blog:
I'm a certified nurse-midwife (since 2000), now unemployed (since July 2013) due to non-compliance with flu shot policies and worldview issues. When yearly flu shots became mandatory several years ago red flags went up and I began researching flu shots and vaccines in general. The more I learned the more disturbed I became.

My goal is for this to become a clearinghouse for vaccine information, much like Climate Depot by Marc Morano (http://www.climatdepot.com) - I am as skeptical about climate change as I am now about vaccines.

At this point in time I think there may be some temporary benefit from some vaccines in terms of risk reduction for the targeted disease/infection; however, I also have serious concerns about the risk - benefit ratio as I think vaccines, for various reasons, are implicated, as a factor or variable in many chronic diseases (more on that later). I think we need to develop better treatments for the diseases rather than vaccines.

Because vaccines are so controversial, and because there are so many legitimate questions about them, I think people should be free to make decisions about whether they receive them or not, and this decision should not be compelled nor coerced, either by their healthcare provider or by law.

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