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Links Nov 22, 2013

I get a lot of my links via Twitter, some from Facebook. I've skimmed most of them, have not read in depth. One of the purposes of this blog is to make them available to others.
Email me at: if you want to share an article ...

Good Op-Ed from 2010, begging for balance in our approach to vaccines:

SCOTUS opinion (2010):

Op-Ed based on Doshi analysis in BMJ:

Here's the Doshi article:

Mercola interview w/Barbara Loe Fisher on herd immunity:

Abstract (1964) from NY Times about use of peanut oil in vaccines - could this be one
factor in the increase of peanut allergies?

Interesting perspective/analogy in this piece:

This is interesting, and also very concerning:

Vaccinating newborns born to moms who are chronic carriers of Hep B (and giving them
immune globulin) seems reasonable ... if it works! But if it doesn't, we need to find out
why (could it be the virus is changing d/t exposure to vaccine?), and we also need to
develop more effective treatments instead.

Blog/editorial about the right to choose/refuse vaccination, love the linkage to Nuremburg
trials - oh, how quickly we forget!

This link on the cancelation of a hearing on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program:

When actually examined, many medical practices don't actually have any value (but they
didn't look at vaccines!):

A follow-up (link to the original post is at the top of this one) of one parent's reasons for
not vaccinating:

Personally, I don't understand how we can get kids vaccinated with a highly technical
product, but we can't seem to be able to feed them (which is the foundation to good
health anyway - vaccines, to the extent that they work, are at best, secondary):

2008 NVIC editorial:

Aluminum as a component of vaccines:

This post disputes official statistics about flu deaths:

An analysis of VAERS data (from 2010):

A link to lots of links:

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