Sunday, November 17, 2013

Links to various articles/posts/pages Nov 17, 2013

This link is to a 2009 post of the Alliance for Natural Health discussing a presentation at a conference hosted by the National Vaccine Information Center ( about the different approach Japan takes to vaccination:

It would be interesting to know if there has been any comparative research done between Japan and the USA ... what are their rates (prevalence/incidence) of diseases that are targeted by vaccines compared to the US;

This next link is an editorial, almost a rant, but the writer makes some valid points:
The post is not dated that I can see, but inferring from the date stamp on the comments it is
from Nov 17, 2013

1) Don't settle for just the VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet), read and research as much as you
     can prior to receiving any vaccine.
2) Post-marketing studies amount to participating in research which may subsequently
     demonstrate the presumed benefit was not as great as previously thought from
     pre-marketing clinical trials.
3) Post-marketing studies may show risks that were not demonstrated in clinical trials
    done prior to approval. Wider use (ie: after FDA approval) in greater numbers of
    people may be necessary before un-desired side effects are revealed.
    (consider Vioxx, among others);

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