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Links for Nov 24, 2013

The fun thing about the web is you can follow a trail of links from posts that never end ...

From Facebook: 
National Vaccine Information CenterOn Friday afternoon, FDA announced it had approved an AS03 oil in water emulsion adjuvanted H5N1 bird flu vaccine for the National Vaccine Stockpile. AS03 has been associated with cases of narcolepsy in European children, who got ASO3 adjuvanted pandemic H1N1 vaccines in 2009-2010:
NVIC has opposed the licensure of AS03 and other squalene type adjuvants because they hyper-stimulate the immune system and can cause autoimmunity.AS03 adjuvanted vaccines may be especially dangerous for people with a personal or family history of autoimmunity.
It looks like the FDA approved this experimental H5N1 bird flu vaccine based on a clinical study in a few thousand people and it will not be commercially available at this time but will be stockpiled for use during a future "H5N1 pandemic emergency." However, even if that emergency never occurs, the fact that AS03 is now in an FDA-approved vaccine adjuvant paves the way for it to be included in other new vaccines drug companies are creating and fast tracking to licensure, especially influenza vaccines, without having to demonstrate in placebo controlled clinical trials that it is safe.

So maybe it's not such a good idea to super-charge an baby's immune system with vaccines and adjuvants:

On Gardasil:

Here's the study in question:


Here's a link to the study's abstract:
It's assumed the vaccine was responsible for any decrease in HPV prevalence, but 
other factors could have been variables as well (um, like abstinence?) 

Gardasil is not as well liked outside the US:

And earlier this year Japan took the unusual action of listening to
their people:

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