Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Follow-up on Princeton/meningitis

Apparently Princeton is going to make Bexseros (approved in EU, not approved in US) available to their students and employees (1); To their credit, it will not be mandatory, and the school is going to pay for it.

Clinical trials have not been done to establish efficacy ... presence of antibody response is
used in lieu of randomized, double-blind controlled trials. It uses aluminum as an adjuvant
to stimulate the immune system to aid in the production of antibodies.

Here are links to more information:

Interesting that those who believe in vaccines claim they "provide protection", and yet the
package insert/manufacturer's information is careful to state "As with any vaccine, Bexsero may not fully protect all of those who are vaccinated." So which is it?

Adjuvants (ie: aluminum, squalene, etc) will be a topic of discussion in future blog posts ...

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