Monday, November 18, 2013

Links to various other posts/articles/websites regarding vaccines

Not much commentary today ... just lots of collated links to various other articles/blogs, etc ... though I especially like the first one! The graphs in the first link provide an interesting perspective on trends of infectious diseases prior to the widespread use of vaccination, and also afterward!

1) Vaccination has been controversial from its inception.
2) It remains controversial to this day.
3) Agendas and conflicts of interest are seldom disclosed.
4) The benefit/risk ratio is not clear.
5) Vaccination is expensive. (see #3)
6) The risks are real, and seem to strike randomly (or there is not always a good way
     to screen for them prior to initiating vaccination).
7) Health decisions, consent should not be coerced (or forced).

For all of the above reasons, and more, vaccination should be voluntary.

Okay - I copied and pasted the first graph to whet your appetite

Regarding HPV:

Editoral from Sept 2012 regarding parental rights:

Formaldehyde is an ingredient in some vaccines ... this link takes you to an abstract of a
study on rat liver cells:

Being a secure blogger, here is a link to an editorial/blog regarding vaccine choice:

Brief blurb from Sept 2013 about how the UK govt will now compensate families injured by
Swine Flu vac:

Link to .pdf from CDC about pertussis in Israel despite good coverage of vaccination (published in 2000):
(This sort of thing begs the question about effectiveness).

But wait, what about polio?
(so vaccines can be effective, for CAUSING the disease?!)

When there's no money, there's no vaccine ... but when there's money, there's a NEED for
a vaccine!

2011-2012 flu vac - a crap shoot (and health professionals are obligated to participate
in a crap shoot)?

Vaccine ethics (or lack thereof), from 2011 - they seem to like to test stuff on poor
brown people:

Dr. Blaylock does not like flu shots, or vaccines of any kind - here's a short article explaining

While smallpox is no longer on the vaccination schedule, it would be good to know this:

While smallpox is no longer on the vaccination schedule for children, some adults get it
(primarily military), and can pass the disease to others:
Vaccination as a cause of disease, vaccinated as a reservoir of disease ...

This article doesn't address the missing elephant in the cowshed (please pardon my
mixing of metaphors):
Sure, it could be the exposure to lots of different germs (as the article suggests); but there
are lots of other factors in the Amish lifestyle that could also be factors - like not vaccinating?!
Interestingly, the article gives raw, unpasteurized milk a pass - mainstream peeps (especially govt peeps, pun intended) tend to diss this as being incredibly dangerous. While it can (like many things) be dangerous, I wish it were more available, without fear of the law. I do think it's something you should only obtain from someone you know VERY well, and whom you trust.

Link to SafeMinds info about mercury/thimerosal:

Excellent article by Barbara Loe Fisher of the NVIC:
I think she's very balanced and reasonable.

This blogger makes some salient/important points about VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events
Reporting System):

Lastly, a article about vaccine exemption (btw, if you're a health professional,
this doesn't always work!)

Please feel free to send me links that you think should be shared!

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