Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wakefield: His story isn't complete

This brief (22 minutes) video is of Andrew Wakefield discussing various issues that have dogged him since a paper of which he was one of 13 authors was published in 1998 in the Lancet (since retracted). Here he defends himself (as well as in the movie Vaxxed, though he is not the subject of the documentary - it is about allegations of fraud within the CDC) - but others have also defended him (Dr. David Lewis, in his book "Science For Sale" (not an affiliate link). 

Watch for yourself: 

I think he, and many others who do not toe the line to the conventional wisdom concerning vaccination, have suffered from the "Semmelweis Effect" - see also "Is Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Victim of Sham Peer Review?"  

For everyones sake, let us hope that truth will prevail, not agendas driven by conflict of interest. 

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