Saturday, May 21, 2016

If you think vaccines are the "bomb", you just might be right!

There are many who believe vaccines are one of the greatest public health "wins" ever - practically the best thing since sliced bread, or "the bomb" in more recent linguistic slang might glowingly (as in nuclear?!) describe them. 

As we continue to (finally) learn the intricacies of how our immune system works there is reason to believe that perhaps vaccination is, quite literally, an immunological bomb. The manner in which it is done bypasses the typical route by which we are exposed to proteins or antigens (typically the respiratory tract or the GI tract - in other words, mucous membranes) as they are generally injected into a muscle giving direct access to the circulatory system via the capillary bed. 

What's more, virtually all vaccines have adjuvents (aluminum or squalene are examples) in order to potentiate the immune response to obtain the "desired" effect - an antibody response. Indeed, without the adjuvent many vaccines won't "work".

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Imagine the immune system as a border guard. If a guard at the Canada-US border pulled every vehicle that drove up to his checkpoint aside, emptied the suitcases, called in the sniffer dogs, strip-searched the occupants and called for the SWAT team, things would get ugly pretty fast. Most of the time, border guards are alert but passive. Our immune system is the same way with foreign proteins.

So vaccine manufacturers pepper vaccines with adjuvants -- crude extracts of mycobacteria, toxins such as mercury, aluminum salts, or mineral oils to force the reluctant immune system to go into attack mode - from passive border guard to hypervigilant nutter pulling a gun on a granny.  Celebrated Yale immunologist Charles Janeway called this “immunologist’s dirty little secret” underlying vaccination.

 “Adjuvants expand, potentiate, and increase immune responses,” explains Kanduc. “Such hyperactivation has a price: the loss of specificity. The hyper-stimulated immune system does not discriminate any more between foreign proteins and self-proteins…Adjuvants render the immune system blind. Human proteins that share peptide sequences will be attacked.”Kanduc likens immunotolerance to a protective wall. “The dam is demolished by the adjuvants and the cross-reactivity flood can crush and alter human proteins.” This might also cause numerous cross-reactions, manifested as a wide variety of autoimmune attacks.

Western, conventional medicine has a long history of going to far, even if the motive was right (and there is so much COI embedded in vaccination that there is plenty of reason to doubt motives!) - this is why it is so important for all to be free to make their own decisions regarding what interventions they do or do not accept, including vaccinations. 

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