Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pitiful, Pathetic Pan - A gold in the Olympics of truth avoidance

Like so many politicians, California State Senator Richard Pan is a flaming, stinking hypocrite - and a coward to boot! He imposes responsibility on citizens (SB277) while running from it. 

On Mon May 9, Del Bigtree (Producer of Vaxxed) and Polly Tommey (mother, featured in Vaxxed) went to Sacramento California in an attempt to engage California State Senator Richard Pan in a debate. Crazy hijinks ensued: 

I am quite sorry that those who made this video associated Pan with the Pink Panther - that 
character has hallowed place in my family and I hate to see it linked with the likes of Pan, but I'll try to consider that no more than a nit pik in the bigger picture. 

If he is so certain of the validity and rightness of the vaccine mandates his legislation imposed upon the people of California, why would he sprint from a conversation with a citizen of California? What, exactly, is he afraid of? 

He should change his name - to Peter (as in the perpetual child)! 

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