Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dec 8, 2013 - focus on flu (but wait, there's more)

Some links are to websites, others to articles or other blogs. As I've stated on previous posts,
because there is so much controversy regarding vaccination I think any/all vaccines should be
voluntary, not mandatory. If an authority can justify violating personal autonomy for one reason,
an authority (whether an employer or a government) can justify violating personal autonomy for
another. The last two links in particular have interesting data that should be reason to wonder why we continue to add more vaccines to the current childhood schedule, and if vaccines are
not necessarily good for children, why are we contemplating expanding the adult "schedule"
as well?

Home page for Health Care Providers for Vaccine Choice:

2012 article regarding mandatory flu vac for healthcare providers/workers:

A 2010 article:
(this is primarily pointing out the conflict of interest of someone who calls for mandatory
vaccination); (part 1) (part 2)

This is not about flu vac specifically, but may be worth a read (long)

And when people say the flu vaccine made them sick ... well they may just be right!

From Age of Autism, a post on "secondary" side effects of vaccination's side effects - it's
not just the recipient of a vaccine who is affected:

And also from Age of Autism, a blurb encouraging those who are in the NYC area to go
to a demonstration against Mayor Blumberg's attempt to force two vaccines on children
in NYC (flu/pneumococcal shot, or Prevnar) ... inserting himself into a decision that should
be left to parents. Where does it end?

I've concluded (from all that I've seen/read over the last several years, long before I
started this blog) that we will not vaccinate our way to good health. Indeed, vaccines
may be contributing to poor health - but here are two important articles with intriguing

Infant vaccination regressed against infant mortality:

As always, please email me if there are links you want posted!

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