Friday, December 13, 2013

Dec 13, 2013 - why question vaccine (or drug) safety ... here's why

God bless people like Dr. Marciniak ... and may God also protect him, as he is actually DOING HIS JOB as an FDA investigator! What a concept - he actually LOOKS AT THE DATA. He asks very pertinent (and impertinent) questions ABOUT the data ... like why are significant amounts of it missing, and what happened to the REAL PEOPLE the (missing) data represent?

The link below is to an article about this ... it looks like The Refusers are quoting (perhaps copying and pasting) the BMJ article they cite (a link is provided at the end of the article - you must pay for access beyond a brief blurb).

If only more of us adopted the following approach:
“If I, as a federal employee or simply as an ethical individual, see evidence of a threat to public health, I have an obligation to report it regardless of whether the issue is assigned to me or not,” he says.

There are too many people/organizations inserting themselves into the relationship between provider and patient ... guidelines are used not as guidelines, but as billy-clubs to beat providers into submission (kind of hard to provide individualized care to each patient if doing so leads you to stray outside of the "guidelines" - this takes coloring inside the lines to a whole new level!)

While modern, conventional medicine has helped many, there are too many legitimate questions about many of the medications and procedures were are using - and for this reason there needs to be far greater freedom in the decisions providers and patients make about their healthcare.

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