Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec 16, 2013 - Mama bear, Papa bear

Some of the most interesting posts I come across are written by parents who have linked health problems in their children with receipt of vaccines. They are finding, and writing on very interesting research regarding the patho-physiology that can happen as a consequence of vaccination ... 

Joel Lord, of Vaccine Resistance Movement, in particular posts articles detailing this phenomena. VacFacts is another good source.

The second link posted is about HPV, and how some people groups are more likely to be infected/exposed to types of HPV not included in the current vaccines - which begs the question, why take on the risk of vaccination when the likelihood of any benefit is even less than the presumed benefit to begin with?  

The third link is to an article discussing the effect of vaccination upon the immune system and how it may lead to an imbalance of the different types of immunity we have. 

The last link is to an article discussing the theory of herd immunity - a theory left wanting as we still have disease among groups that are nearly 100% vaccinated. 

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