Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vaccine SAFETY Commission - it's not just about autism!

President Trump has floated the idea of a federal commission to study the safety of vaccines. Those who think vaccines are safe and effective should be embracing this idea - because they are so convinced the science is on their side. What is there to hide? What could there be to dread about any inquiry? 

In discussing vaccine safety the discussion always seems to go to autism. That's understandable since it is the most common and obvious "coincidence" associated with vaccines. 

But if this commission actually comes to fruition I hope they don't get sidetracked into only considering autism. That would be a big, juicy black hole and vaccine proponents can only hope that is what ends up happening. 

Vaccine safety is not just about autism. 

What does need to happen is a long, close up look (think high colonic) at the CDC. 
  - This needs to start with a subpeona issued to Dr. Bill Thompson. 
  - Then they can move on to examining the issue of conflict of interest in the  
    ACIP (Advisory  Committee on Immunization Practices - it is nested within the CDC). 
  - Perhaps they would begin extradition proceedings on Poul Thorson (you know, the 
    former CDC "researcher" who is on the FBI's most wanted list for fraud). 
  - Hopefully they will not overlook the Merck whistleblower case (still ongoing). 

RFK Jr has lots of name recognition due to his high profile family and his own work on environmental issues. I think it would be better to appoint someone else, as RFK Jr is known to be concerned about mercury in the environment, mostly because of coal, but mercury in vaccines (and yes, it is still in vaccines, though at lower amounts than before) could well become yet another rabbit-hole. 

Vaccine safety is not just about mercury or thimerosal. 

Autism and mercury can function as shiny objects, as "squirrels" that serve to distract from other issues that are at least as important (some of which I have listed above) and should not be overlooked. 

Here are some others: 
 - Personal/medical freedom (and lack thereof in regards to vaccination)
 - Informed Consent (and lack thereof in regards to vaccination)
 - Huge gaping holes in science around vaccination (ie: the recommended 
   schedule has never been tested - for children or adults - and this schedule 
   does nothing but grow!)
 - The use of pseudo-science with vaccines testing (using other vaccines as 
   a faux-placebo rather than a **real** placebo like saline). 
 - The missing science on vaccinations: multiple studies comparing the 
   short and long term health outcomes of vaccinated and non-vaccinated 
   people (with the definition of non-vaccinated meaning having never received
   any vaccines at all). 
 - Vaccines and our military (Gulf War Syndrome)

Apparently Congress is not too enthusiastic about this idea. I wonder if that might be related to the pharmaceutical lobby and the cash they dole out? 

I'll be surprised if this comes to fruition. I'll be even more surprised if it does more than issue a perfunctory report and close up shop. We deserve so much better from our representatives. Let us hope a vaccine SAFETY commission has the power of law to force the law-makers to stop crafting laws and regulations that crush freedom. Let us hope a vaccine SAFETY commission will bring more transparency and act as a catalyst for better, stronger science that will provide the information we need to make medical decisions with greater confidence. Let us hope they conclude no one is obligated to take part in a medical intervention if they do not want to - that when an individual sacrifices themselves for others it must be voluntary, not coerced or manipulated.
Please contact President Trump and encourage him to follow through on this. The Whitehouse comment line is 202.456.1111 
Please contact your Congressional Representative and Senators and ask them to support this. The Senate Switchboard is 202.224.3121 
The House of Representative Switchboard is 202.225.3121


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