Sunday, January 08, 2017

I'm sorry Dr. Neides apologized

Dr. Neides, who is associated with the Cleveland Clinic, recently published an editorial calling for safer vaccines. From the reaction you would have thought he had advocated filling them with neurotoxins and injecting them into as many people as possible, as frequently as possible! 

Quite predictably he is deep in the processes of being "Wakefielded" (the 21rst century update to being "Semmelweissed"). All the right people and institutions have puffed out their chests and issued the all too appropriate condemnations and self-righteous proclamations. The Cleveland Clinic has promised to sanction him in some sort of way (though he did not speak on their behalf nor did he do this on their time or while they were compensating him for his work). He has tried to quell the storm by issuing an apology, though it is not a retraction of what he wrote. 

He is being hammered for wanting better, safer, medicine (ie: vaccines). He dared touch The Precious and he is being made to care. The Precious needs to be thrown back into the fires of Mordor. And those who are beating their chests because of what he wrote are the Smeegals of medicine. 

His column begins with him acknowledging that he followed the CDC's recommendation to get a flu vaccine, and he has a history of being on the record as for vaccination. But he attempted to stray from the plantation - and this will not be allowed! He is in the process of being whipped. 

What is truly outrageous is that calling for an improvement in a product that is so widely used actually sparked outrage! The reaction by establishment medicine simply fuels the increasingly widespread skepticism toward vaccination. The response by mainstream medicine and academic medicine is not one of transparency but of a witch-hunt. This does not increase trust, it further destroys it. 

He was right to question the possible effects of many of the ingredients of vaccines. We all should. 

Here are some other reasons trust is being eroded: 
CDC Whistleblower 
Merck whistleblowers 
SPIDER (within the CDC) 
Poul Thorson (on the FBI's most wanted list) 
All manner of conflict of interest 
Dismissal of observed adverse events following vaccination 
Manipulative and coercive policies mandating vaccination 

And those advocating vaccination have the temerity to harange someone (who is actually on their team) just for suggesting that perhaps there is a need for some quality control?! 
The only argument they are making is one from emotion - and when your opponent resorts to ad hominen attack they are shooting blanks (though they surely still sting). 

He dared to step outside the paradigm - this is what scientists do. And because they do that important discoveries are made and facts discovered and knowledge advanced. I hope this causes him to think even more deeply about this issue and look into it furhter. Hopefully he will see Vaxxed (if he hasn't already). He has absolutely nothing to apologize for. I pray what he has done will prick consciences and awaken more from the dull stupor of mediocraty that passes for evidenced based medicine these days. 

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