Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Islamification of vaccination ...

Taqqiya is the Islamic practice of lying, deceiving, or manipulating in order to advance Islam. Since The Truth has nothing to fear from the lie why do those who advocate vaccination feel the need to lie in order to get people to take vaccines?

A former nursing student has now filed a lawsuit against Baker college in Michigan alleging several of their faculty were teaching nursing students that it was acceptable practice to use similar techniques with parents and/or patients in order to obtain the desired result - acceptance of vaccination. She maintains that she was dismissed from the program because she questioned the ethics of this.

The school has not yet officially responded and it seems Ms. Rolfe has strong opinions about many topics. But if what she reports about the nursing program is accurate it is the faculty who need "re-education" about medical ethics, informed consent, nursing's code of ethics and the Nuremberg Code for starters. If what she is stating is accurate the accreditation of the school needs to be reviewed very carefully.

The use of force, deceit, coercion, and manipulation in medicine is not new ... consider the on-going use of forced abortion in China, the (not to distant) history of involuntary sterilization in the United States, the infamous Tuskegee experiments - among others ... all of course, for the greater good!

Given this history if people can be forced, coerced, and/or manipulated into vaccination, what else might people be required to do or receive, or participate in? The lack of freedom to chose to take, or not take a vaccination leads to health dhimmitude.

The proponents of vaccination would make both Muhammed and Machiavelli proud.

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