Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Islamification of vaccines - Part 2

This post is inspired by a tweet:


Pointing out another facet of the Islamification of vaccines ... though in all fairness this one may not have been the deliberate lying of taqqiya, but rather, a "journalist" who did not do sufficient fact-checking prior to writing the editorial (aka: article).

There have been no deaths attributed to the "Disneyland" measles outbreak of 2014 - if there had been we would still be hearing about it.

A number of patients were intentionally unvaccinated ... and have now recovered and as a result will benefit from a lifetime of immunity. The intentionally vaccinated bore the risks of receiving the vaccine yet did not derive any benefit.  43% of cases had an unknown or undocumented vaccination status ... but given vaccination rates for MMR at ~92% it would be fair to suspect that a significant portion of this 43% had at least 1 dose of MMR vaccine which would impact estimates of "efficacy" negatively. The "solution" to this problem is always more vaccination ... a solution drug companies like - and this positive feedback loop has lead to the development of an ever increasing array of vaccines - most of which will no doubt also need to be given in repeated "boosters" in order to maintain "efficacy" - now that's a business model, especially since there is zero liability for any risk and/or failure of said products.

Those who advocate forced vaccination seem to be downright Machiavellian in their pursuit of achieving the vaccination of one and all, so they may not care if the deceit was inadvertent or unintentional.

It's a pity more journalists are not following the example of Sharyl Attkisson and Lawrence Solomon, who have written about vaccines with far greater balance and attention to little details referred to as facts.

The truth has nothing to fear from the lie ... regardless of whether the lie is deliberate or accidental. And the truth does not fear fact checking or the challenging of assumptions - two things that send chills down the spines of advocates of forced vaccination.

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