Friday, August 04, 2017

Letter to Dr Brenda Fitzgerald - googledoc version

Valued readers - here is a link to a googledoc version of my previous post "An Open Letter to Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald":  

You can copy/paste to print it and send it after adding your name and contact information. 

Here is the address: 
Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald
Director, Centers for Disease Control
1600 Clifton Avenue
GA 30329 

You can also send this as an email using the CDC's webform here: 
(I will be doing this as well).

The webform will not accept the full text of the letter so I copied/pasted a link to the googledoc version. In the subject line I asked that it please be forwarded to Dr. Fitzgerald. 

Please do not alter the letter and please be polite. Leave a comment to let me know if you send a copy. I'll certainly post an update if I get a response. 

Thank you!

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